Happy Spring



Happy SPRING to all of you!!! Hopefully, it is nice and sunny where you are. We are getting hit with another Wisconsin Snowstorm-Yuck. :dogangry: It has been falling at about an inch an hour. We have approx. 7 inches now. They say it's going to snow until 10pm and it's only 2pm. Although I may be sick of it, my dogs just LOVE it. They have been out playing off and on outside all morning. Now they are sound asleep. Masey should be snoring at any moment. I never had a dog that snores like she does after a long day of fun. I'm still trying to work on "Are you Shy" with Masey. She doesn't seem to be catching on all too fast. If the tape is on, she does it. If I try without the tape, she sits there staring at me. Camden has mastered "Pray". I wish she would tolerate the tape, because she would learn "Are you Shy", I'm sure. The minute she sees the tape coming her way, she runs as fast as she can around the table. It's so interesting to see how different two dogs can be when it comes to learning certain tricks, etc. Well, better get back outside and shovel. I'm sure there will be another couple inches out there. I'll be back a little later!!!

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Yeah I'm awaiting the spring big time!!! I love training my dogs outside but I can't do it if my fingers are freezing!!!! :D (I could, but it's no fun! hehe)

Soon it will be blistering hot, so I enjoy the spring the most. It is my favorite season. :)

For your shy problem, make sure that you say "Shy?" when you use the tape and while she is touching her nose. If you do this enough times, you'll be able to say "Shy?" without the tape and she'll do it.

Think of how if you ring a bell at the same time you feed the dog, it learns to associate the food with the bell, and eventually salivates just on the sound of the bell.

Same thing with the "Shy?" trick. If it is conditioned enough she'll think she has a piece of tape on her nose and will hit her nose after you say "Shy?".

:dogsmile: Have fun!


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Well here in the UK we have rain, sleet and snow. My youngest daughter is camping out tonight as part of a two day walk for her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award - its her very first hike so I'm nervous as to how she's getting on. The temperatures are supposed to go down to freezing tonight.



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we're in autumn going into cold winter (well not that cold, we dont get snow where i live cause i live on the coast hehe) but the weathers been real nice at the moment with nice sunny days and not blistering hot, at the moment we have a nice breeze, so im on my laptop outside with storm and a nosy horse so if i spell anything funny its either storm poking me with his nose or muddy licking my hand wanting attention (ive got muddy at home to mow my front lawn, you dont need petrol for this lawnmower lolz)


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Happy Spring to everyone,
I'm a little late in posting this and I really can't wait for warmer weather. I've had my share of the snow but I hear that there's possible another snow storm in the forcast for the upscoming week. Atleast Max will be happy about it. It was very, very windy out yesterday and very chilly.


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Yay Spring. ^^ The grass is starting to grow again. =D Unfortunately, our spring will probably be hot. But ah well...just the Texas heat. :)


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here in Colorado springtime means wildly fluctuating weather!! It will be warm for days at a stretch - you will be bringing out the t-shirts and sandals - then it will snow and be freezing for days at a stretch! I wonder if the dogs get confused!


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I'm here working in Windsor in the UK and it's cold! We should be seeing warmer weather but we've had sleet, snow, rain over the Easter weekend. Bring on summertime. But even that's not guaranteed in this country!


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Well here in Georgia, Spring means that the weather will be so nice during the week, but come the weekend, it rains, turns windy and cold, and drives everyone inside. Then before you get to enjoy much springtime weather it is HOT and HUMID! Sometimes I think Georgia only has two seasons: Summer with a mild Winter.


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l_l_a;7474 said:
here in Colorado springtime means wildly fluctuating weather!! It will be warm for days at a stretch - you will be bringing out the t-shirts and sandals - then it will snow and be freezing for days at a stretch! I wonder if the dogs get confused!
I'm ready for Spring here in Colorado also! I don't like when it is warm one week and cold the next but sooooooooooon I will be able to plant flowers and looking forward to outside training again. :dogbiggrin:
Happy Spring and Happy trick training everyone!!


I usually don't mind winter and figure if it's going to be cold, you might as well have snow to brighten things up a bit, but I have a case of spring fever and am ready for warmer weather and some green in the landscape. I'm a gardener, so I'm anxious to get my hands in the dirt, however it is now about a week into spring and the weather is calling for up to 3 inches of snow tonight!:dogsad:


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I agree that the snow tends to cheer things up more, that is, until it turns all brown and dirty from the roads!