Happy, Happy Day!!!


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That's amazingly good news!
One small but significant step in the right direction!
Now all responsible pet owners who can should support this chain of Pet superstores and boycott the rest.


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Awesome News!!!! I really happy about the college my sister goes to. Their Vet Tech/Assistance Wing has shelter dogs that they help train, take care of them and find people to adopt them. :)

Last year I went to a pet store with my family and they were selling puppies, it was sad t think of where they came from or their living condition.


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That's fabulous! I wish more places would follow their lead. And, altho we'd all like it to happen now, one step at a time is still going in the right direction - and we as consumers can make it happen. Such good news!


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How wonderful! We don't have this chain where I'm at, but if we did I would definitely shop there. ^^


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I haven't been in a PJ's Pets for years. We dont have one here, but there's one in Edmonton. I boycott pet stores that sell puppies, so now I can lift my boycott!