Happy Birthday Snooks!!


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Just wanted to wish Snooks a very happy birthday. Hope it's a great one!!
:msnparty: :msnparty: :msnparty: :msnparty:


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dang, i can't get the lil emoticons to work, and they have such cute birthday ones!! dang!

SNOOKS, pretend like there are lots of cutie emoticons all saying:


tell the truth, did your beloved dogs get cake?


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AWWW thanks so much. I've been a bit immersed in some unfun but resolving family issues-this makes my day today!!:dogbiggrin::dogbiggrin::dogbiggrin: I also got permission to drive and move my shoulder again FRIDAY!! YAY!! Hence typing today. I've sorely missed typing and catching up.

The dogs also had bdays and yes they got cake. Chisholm was presented with a turkey meatloaf cake which Kimber and I shared,, it was yummy (she was 6yo in august) and Kimber was 2yo oct 6 and got a Jenny-O turkey breast cake i also shared. We all three eat a little bit of meat cake every night - me for dinner and they a little with dog food.

I got chocolate lava cake which i did NOT share LOL and i ate it all in one day---it was small but still made me pleasantly nauseated ---I'm not used to that much sugar at once....