Hanè & Falcor says Hi


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HI I'm Hanè and I'm owned by a year and 5 month old bull terrier boy. He is a very loving and friendly bullie but sadly so very much miss understood by the public as bullies usually are. We live in South Africa, I'm 23 years old and self employed.

Falcor and I do agility and obedience training (wish i started the obedience with a trainer sooner but I didn't have to opportunity) but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we wont be able to go for probably the rest of the year. Now training is what me and Falcor does, his father plays with him, so we don't have anything to do together and I miss that. That's why i joined this forum.

This way i can work on my training techniques and Falcor will keep his mind sharp anf hopefully when we return to agility he will turn into the champ that everyone thinks he's going to be.

Jean Cote

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:welcome: to the dog trick academy. :dogsmile:

We (or at least) I train tricks to keep my dogs mind occupied and you can usually see a difference in the way they act and are around you. So it would be a great alternative to doing agility until you guys can get back to it. :D