Hallelujah!!! Spring has sprung!


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The weather here has been glorious for the most part recently, and both me and the dogs are LOVING IT!!! With the exception of the warm weather bringing out those pesky ticks....ugh. The downfall of country living.

So this year, I've tried a new approach. For one, we started really early. The first warm day we had, we sprayed the front and back yard heavily. We've fogged the house. The dogs have been dipped. Monthly spot treatments have begun. (These things we do every year.) But....I'm beginning a more natural approach, starting sometime within the next few days(because today, and the rest of the week, it's rainy and windy). After researching all winter, I found some plants that are supposed to repel ticks and fleas. (The two I'm going to try: lavendar and possibly rosemary.) SO, I've bought two lavendar plants and a very large amount of lavendar seed. This plant is PERFECT for me, someone who definitely does not have a green thumb. When I asked the employee at the greenhouse where I bought it, her response was, "Basically, you put it in the ground and water it once in a while and it grows." PERFECT! We have a very dry climate here. In the front yard, we already have a small flowerbed. In the backyard...nothing but grass. So I have to first prepare it for planting, then get everything planted.

So...we'll see if this works. I'm at my wit's end and grasping at straws now for ways to get rid of the ticks. Still trying to find other natural ways to repel ticks...suggestions appreciated!!!