Guus' favorite drink


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lolz storm likes beer too, he quite often pinches it if your not watching and take the bottle into his kennel, or if your drinking it out of a glass you have to watch it like a hawk or there could be a few more bubbles in it


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Is it bad though to give beer to your dog every now and then? It's full of vitamine B, good for their coat.

Jean Cote

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Well, it depends on who you asks as people tend to treat their dog as the way they perceive their own lives.

A small amount won't kill your dog, but a bottle might get him extremely drunk. So you have to watch out. I'd say a cup of beer isn't going to hurt him, unless he's a toy dog. :dogsmile:

luna may

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Lol... I personally don't drink beer and that sort of alcoholic stuff, because I don't believe in getting drunk, but it made me laugh! xD Though I don't really like it either, a little black beer once in a while sounds pretty fine (as long as your dog doesn't get addicted... :LOL:)
I loved the recipe too... Quick&easy!
By the way, there's a cool trick called "the drunk dog"- but I suppose you guys already know it :doglaugh:
"Abigail has a drinking problem.” With that as a cue, the dog runs to a wine bottle, touches the opening, spins, falls down, rolls over, crawls and goes to sleep." (I found it in this site... It's great!)


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As long as you don't give him much beer (obviously dogs are smaller than humans and have a lower alcohol tolerance) it's probably fine. A family friend used to give some beer to his dogs and horses and they lived very long, happy lives. I wonder what kinds of beer dogs like best. Light? Dark? Budwiser? Coors? lol


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We've never given Buddy beer, (even though that IS a toy beer bottle between Budy's front legs in my current icon picture)
but, our last dog, he got a sip now and then, loved it, and i know ppl who do give lil amounts. But, good to remember, beer is actually a bit dehydrating...

Lol, i heard of this one dog, who sooooooooo loved beer, that the dog would go KNOCK OVER all the humans cans or bottles of beer, to lap up the spilled beer off of the floor!

Soon as any human set his bottle down, the dog ran over and knocked it over, lapping up that spilled beer.
amazing to me that the dog problem-solved in that way....but, i bet the humans who kept losing their beer did not see it as "solving" anything!!


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I know a cat that opened a can of lager and lapped up the contents. It got very drunk. The owner has to keep the cans locked away now.


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Lol, I suddenly thought after reading the owner having to take their dogs to AA.