Guess The Breed--help Please!


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Hey I know you posted this well over a year ago, but I was searching (again!) cause it's killing me not knowing what kinda mutt I have & stumbled across this thread- she looks JUST like my dude, Swan! He's about 3?I live in philly, but my boyfriend was on tour w/his band and played a show in Houston and found my pup in the back of a junkyard - ended up coming home w/him, and we've had him since Jan 2010 - wanted to show you a few pics of him and see if you've gotten any more insight regarding what type of mutt they are - cause I think they're pretty closely related!

Our vet suggested he definitely felt that he's part chow chow, and possible mastiff/ pit, but I think he's definitely some sort of shepherd (from his behavior, he loves to watch other dogs play from far away until he's ready to 'sneak' up on them! he loves to herd our cat around the house too, lol)...Any input? Your Harley is ADORABLE! Cheers! - Jess
Okay, I know this post is kinda old, but just had to toss this one out there...

First off, her name is now Harley. :)
So, a friend of mine got to see her when my boyfriend brought her down, and she thinks Chow/Aussie maybe. I think she could be on the right track! So, I went searching for this mix and other Chow mixes and found these dogs:
Aussie/Chow Mix--he's clearly bigger and thicker coated than her, but saw some resemblance that shows best from her other pictures. Not as much from her newest pictures I'll post at the end...
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Another Aussie/Chow...
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I had sooo many more pictures that I emailed to my boyfriend, but I can't find the email. :/ There was a Chow/Aussie mix that looked almost identical to Harley's brother, Chaos, the black dog in some of the first pictures, and lots of other pictures that closely resembled both Harley and Chaos. I do think that there is something else in these dogs too, but I think Chow/Aussie or Chow/BC could be part of it! After seeing her in person, she is much less blocky than her pictures make her look. She is also very lean. Here's a couple more pictures of her--her nose is cut off in one of them cause she moved, but still shows a good profile of her head. Lol, she loves to move right as you're taking a picture of her. :rolleyes:

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Everyone got along great when she came down to meet them all! :) Her personality is very much like Zeke's, and she even has some of the same little mannerisms that he has. She's a sweetheart. :love:


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wow - what *stunning* dogs!

honestly, i don't know why ppl harp on the "purebred" theme so much when you can get such fascinating results from mixing it up!


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Bondjessbond, your dog definitely looks like some rotty in there. Possibly even 3/4. He looks very rotty. The brindle could be from alot of different breeds. But I dont really see another breed's characteristics in there


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Hi BondJessBond, sorry for the late reply! I have another thread in the "Meet The Dogs" forum, her name is Harley. You can see more pics to compare there. :)
I'm convinced Harley is part English Shepherd. She has the build, coat, personality, head shape, many characteristics of an English Shepherd. Your boy looks Rottie to me in his head shape and overall size. He reminds me very much of my late Rottie/Pit mix, Rusty!

I'll find some pics of Rusty and add them later. :) Your boy is very pretty!!