GSD in Northern Cal


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Hey heard about this Forum from one of my Trainees, thought I'd check it out, always want to learn and keep up with new and exciting things.
I am in California, I'm just an old grey haired woman who's been training people and dogs for over 30 years, I also give Accreditation to other persons I train, so in other words I train trainers how to train and give them their credentials to train the general public. That's a mouth full...:dogblink::msngiggle:
But I don't know everything, and to that end I am always looking for websites and forums where I can learn, hence my membership here...maybe I can help a few people but learn from
a whole lot more.
My dog is a 3 1/2 yr old purebred German line GSD, but she's from a Rescue, who got her pregnant mother out of the shelter , where she was dumped by her Backyard breeder owner. I was chosen to adopt her, she's my Demo dog at work.


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Glad you found the site and I hope it provides new information to you!:dogtongue2:
Let me know what you find!