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  1. ponygirl New Member

    :msnohyes:Hello everyone! I am new here, but am very excited about this site. I have 8 dogs, 5 Australian Shepherds and 3 Australian Kelpies. My oldest Dwight is 15 1/2, I taught him all kinds of tricks and we have done a lot together in his lifetime. I use my dogs here on the farm and I am training most of them for herding, but I really want to teach all of them do some tricks. I am a little rusty when it comes to the trick dept and I know that there are all kinds of new things and ideas out there, so here I am. I can't wait to get started. Thanks ponygirl

  2. posie New Member

    hi ponygirl
    great to have you here since i have been here I have learnt lots of tricks and I am sure you will too! i also ride horses but i don't live on a farm what are your dogs names?
  3. ponygirl New Member

    Posie, I also ride, I have 2 horses. My dogs are Ausies, Dwight, Jody, their daughter Delilah, Travis, Colt (Delilahs little brother). Kelpies, Rio, his sister Rosie and their half sister Jessie. Dwight has been my right hand since he was 8 weeks old and my constant companion for almost 16 years and of course top dog here. Delilah is very high energy but at the same time she is controllable and she has her dadddy's brains. Rosie is highly intelligent, wants to please and has a world of personality, I think that she would be awsome at tricks and would thrive on it. What kind of dogs do you have?:msnohyes:
  4. posie New Member

    wow my rosie has the biggest personality too! i have a horse called buddy but i had an riding accident if you want you can find out about it in discussion in talk form it is called puppy nurse but you don't have you have 8 dogs i only have one and my sister has one!i would love to have so many dogs
  5. philip_puppy09 New Member

    welcome to the academy!

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