Greetings from South Africa


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Hello all :)

After trawling the web for some time to find a cool forum to chat on I stumbled across this site. :)

So, a bit about me and my mutt.
We're currently training in Obedience and agility, we've only just started the agility so we're feeling like right wallies still at the moment. lol
My dog Foofie absolutely loves to work, I think one of her favourites is tricks training though, as it gets her lots of laughs and "aaahhhhs" she's a real attention bug of note.

I am a horse nut as well as a dog nut (hmm or is that a doughnut?)... much to the dismay of my husband and family lol.

Well I think that'll do for now. I look forward to chatting with you guys.

Jean Cote

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Hello foof, welcome to the forum! :dogsmile: Agility is definitely lots of fun, glad that you are attempting it. It takes a little while to train all the obstacles but once your dog has mastered them, its a lot of fun to do them all one after the other. :D

Enjoy the forum!