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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by emmadactryl, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. emmadactryl New Member

    Hello :)

    I've had an account on here for a little while but haven't gotten around to posting an intro yet.

    As the title suggests, I'm Australian- a Queenslander to be more precise.

    I'm eighteen, been involved with dogs and dog training for the past four years, and been trialling in agility for the past two years.

    I currently own a kelpie cross border collie called Charlie who will be four on October the seventh, and my new fur bubby- Zeke, a working line kelpie- will be flying up from New South Wales to join the family early next week.

    I do a variety of activities with my dogs, from obedience to tricks to agility, and hope to get involved with Flyball and herding at some stage in the near future.

    Looking forward to having a look around this site, meeting some new people and getting some more ideas for tricks to teach the fur kiddies :D

  2. Dodge Well-Known Member

    Hi:) a very warm welcome to you . . .dont take this the wrong way,but your gorgeous avatar reminds me of the wolf of "Little Red Riding hood" :LOL: (is that a scar on his nose?)
    Have a fab time with your new babe,sounds like I can learn a lot of new things from you (y) enjoy the forum,looking forward to a chat with you (y)
  3. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Im from CHCH, NZ. Enjoy the DTA :)
  4. emmadactryl New Member

    :D Haha, no, no scar. It was one of those accidental strange photos: I didn't realise until after I looked back at it that Charlie was making a scary face :p I think he'd started yawning as I pressed the button to take the picture- and that was the result.

    Thank you both for the welcome; glad to be here :)
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  5. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA! I hear Kelpies are great little dogs! Charlie is certainly GORGEOUS! Enjoy the site!
  6. emmadactryl New Member

    Oh yes, kelpies are awesome dogs.

    Best breed around- but then again I could be a little biased :p

    Thank you for the welcome, and I most definitely will enjoy the DTA.
  7. Kelsey Active Member

    My twinn! (well my dog's twin.(; )

    and just to bring the enthousiasm back from fb and full on,

    oh yeah, i went there. ;)

    welcome Em, you will be taking my girl. right?
  8. jordyquint Experienced Member

    Rucker and I welcome you to DTA! :)

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