Greetings from Jeanne & Shadow ...


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Hi, I'm Jeanne from Minneapolis MN. My 3yr old Lab/Golden mix, Shadow, just had TPLO surgery after tearing a ligament in his knee while off chasing rabbits at the dog park. He doesn't seem to mind ... he's back to his perky, energetic self and it hasn't even been a week yet. He's grounded from the doggy park and hiking for many weeks and his 1yr old Golden playmate, Daisy, is staying with Grandma & Grandpa until he recovers ... boredom looms on the horizon. So I'm here to find new tricks for us to learn while he's on the road to recovery. Very exciting! Thanks for the site.

Jean Cote

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Hi Jeanne!!! Glad to see that you enjoy the website (and thank you very much for your donation!!!).

Training tricks is definitely a cure for boredom :) I'm planning on adding a lot of tricks in the future so stay tuned to the website!! :)