Greetings from Georgia!


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Hello! My name is Kristina. I am obviously from GA. I am a dog groomer, I show conformation dogs, I run my dog in agility(currently mainly just teacup but hopefully soon AKC) and in my spare time I train my dogs. I guess you can say my passion is DOGS :). I have 5 chinese cresteds and a 7 month old border collie puppy, Dash, that I just got. He is what got me thinking about tricks. My old man crested knows lots of tricks but started going blind last year at 7 years old. I just started 2 days ago working on tricks with 2 of my dogs, miley my agility dog and Dash. Dash is working on simple tricks right now, roll over, spin and the beginning steps of the rear end awareness stuff. Miley (a little more reluctantly) is also working on the rear end awareness and jumping into my arms. Seeing how she likes her position as spoiled princess its a challenge to get her to work with me sometimes. In addition to my dogs I am also encouraging my boss (who although he is a trainer, thinks clicker training is beneath him but I'm making him do it anyways) and my coworkers to participate with me.

Jean Cote

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Hello Kristina. Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! I apologize for my late reply to your introduction, I have been extremely busy lately and I missed some of the new member's posts. Let me know if I can be of any assistance with your training or if you need anything on the website!!