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Hello, I look forward to getting to know everyone and their beloved dogs.

We have an almost 3 year old mix breed dog named Scout. His name is the only thing that the children could agree on. The vet thinks he's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, French Bulldog, Basenji mix. He has height that the 1st two breeds don't have. His ears and lack of tail line up nicely with the 1st two breeds named. So am going with what the vet thinks. lol

He's very quiet unless the situation demands it. He has an interesting quirk of making a very distinct vocalization that he uses only in specific situations. We can't get him to make it independently of another situation. The only time he makes it is usually just prior to a little bit of time prior to my oldest having a medical problem of sorts. It's been tracked as lining up but we don't have an official diagnosis to prove it yet.

I don't know his history prior to his coming to us. He found us and because of his interesting quirk he got to stay with us. I do know that he doesn't like not having his collar removed and he doesn't like us being out of his site.

He has some of the basics down but we have hit a road block with a couple of the basics that brings me here. There are a couple of things I need help correcting in him (the desire to chase rabbits & gophers) There are a few tricks that he needs to learn but I'm unsure how to train him to do them. Last I am interested in getting him to do some fun things as well.

I'm extremely rusty in training a dog. It's been over 20 years since I have had to train a dog and it's been over 15 since I have had to run a dog through its paces to help it maintain its training. He is of breeds that I am not very familiar with although I can understand why he does some things (ex. rabbits/gophers) We also have had too many trainers in too short of time with the program that we were involved with. It left us both highly confused. I am amazed that he picked up anything out of it at all. lol



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Cturtle welcome! How very interesting that your dog is alerting for this. I have a dog that alerts too which I am currently training as a service dog for myself. Check out the classroom portion of this site and I be you'll find some very useful things to knock the rust off your skills. It's really cheap and very nicely structured for your situation.

I think teaching a good leave it will probably be the best thing you can use as a foundation many things including your pup's chasing behavior. If that dog is part Corgi you have a lot of herding in a little package. :dogblush:

You might also look at the following for ideas
squirrel chasing
chasing moving objects

for some of the collar issues, not that you have a severe problem but this might help. I play the gottcha game with my dog and gently touch her collar from below or the side, not over the head and mark this with either a clicker and a treat or a voice cue and treat. this training helps recondition how the dog reacts to collar touching. If someone was abusive with a collar doing things slowly and with great food treats can help reshape how they respond to collar touches. be careful not to pull on or use the collar other than to clip on a leash. I had a foster that was also very scared of her collar and I worked with her for 8 weeks with great results.

for the leave it info check Sophia Yin's keepers pages

I did a search on this site for leave and found some good things including

Be sure and post questions in the training or behavior issue forums, not just introductions. more people read and respond to specific questions there.