Great site.


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I have been viewing the site for quite a while and find it to be very interesting and informative. We have a 14 month old Great Pyrenees that we got as a rescue when she was about 9 months old. She was quite under nourished when we got her and weighed only 44 pounds. She is now a healthy and happy 75 pounds and near her ideal weight. A lot of people say you can not train a Pyr, but she is highly intelligent and learns most of her commands and tricks in 15-30 minutes. She can be quite stubborn when she wants and that is a trait of the breed. The "come" command could be best described as "come(if and when you want)". This is a wonderful, overlooked breed if you are looking for a BIG dog.

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Welcome to the Academy! :dogsmile: Yeah they say the same thing about Huskies, you can't train them. Well, I did. LOL.

Enjoy the site!