Great Danes


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I am suprised that no one has mentioned the great dane in this breed discussion. I think the great dane is a very lovable dog, they are known as the gentle giants. They are large but very lovable and frendly, and as a short hair dog they require very little maintenance.:dogcool:


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I actually have a new puppy that is a Great Dane. I love the breed but it isn't the main breed that people think of doing a bunch of tricks. Heck, people get a kick out of my Mastiff crawling or fetching.


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I LOOOOVE the Great Dane!!! I am surprised that they are not better known for their tricks, there are few dog movies that do not have a well trained "trick" Dane.


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I've seen youtube videos of a great dane and it's owner competiting in doggy dancing :)

That was pretty awesome. But yes, great breed, but not the breed people usually think of when thinking trick training.