Grandpuppy has me learning!


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Hello I'm online looking for new things to teach my grandpuppy. You see my son got this German Shepard puppy, brought him into our home and then my son moved out to go to college. So here we are trying to raise this 110 lb toddler! My husband and I took him to clicker training, which worked somewhat but this toddler needs more training. He's so full of energy and so extremely smart. I need to learn how to channel this into something productive and fun for all of us. So that's why I'm here to see what this site has to offer.
PS any help or advice will be greatly received.

Jean Cote

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Hi there!

:welcome: to the website!

Looks like you've just picked up a new hobby!! :msngrin: I'm really happy to hear that you've commited yourself to training him, you'll be grateful later on that you did!

Most of the lessons & tricks taught on this website can be taught to your German Shappard! Just watch the lesson videos and read the lessons, you can even print them out and read them as you train if you want. And if you have any problems just come on the Forum and we'll help you! :dogbiggrin: