GPS Dog Tracker RoamEO

Jean Cote

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I was just browsing my own store! HaHa and I stumbled on this item. It's a really neat little gizmo called the RoamEO, I was looking for something like that a while back but I don't think it existed then. It is basically a GPS which allows you to track your dog.

The inconvenience I can already see with this is that you have to preset your fence perimeter, so if you ever go to a new location in the woods I don't think it would work. And the price is obviously too expensive. :) But maybe with time, it will come down.

This is probably used for hunting and all, but it would also be nice for hiking and stuff. ;)

Here are a few screenshots, more can be found.

It really does has some nice features! It even tells you the battery life of the collar (supposable it lasts up to 8-10 hours.) And it can track up to three dogs at the same time.

I think this is kind of cool to see how people use technology for stuff like this. :)


As Emma is never outside the fence without a leash, it wouldn't do me much good, but could you imagine if they could use that technology to locate a lost dog by using GPS with the implantable microchip? That would be great!

Jean Cote

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LoJack for dogs.. HaHaHa

Only problem I see with this is some "genius" is going to think it's a good idea to put that in humans too!


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This is a great little thing, but maybe too expensive...

And I don't think I'd need it, becouse Pami is just really afraid to go away from me, so I always see where she is...:D


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Actually, there are quite a few different tracking systems available for dogs. They are working on smaller versions for cats, too!

There are two basic kinds of systems available: radio and GPS. The short range radio gizmos are mainly used by folks training hunters, and have a range of about 3-5 km or so. You end up having to carry a funny looking kind of antenna to be able to track your dog.

The other, newer technology is GPS + cell phone, where your dog's collar actually includes a phone chip, enabling you to send a message via your cell phone asking "where are you?", and your dog's collar will call your cell phone back with its exact location. Gives a whole new meaning to "ET call home!" :doglaugh:

Some things to watch out for are monthly or yearly subscription fees. Many companies charge either a flat fee or a per call fee, and you must go through their own communications system. Others will allow you to use any system of your choice with no continuing compulsory fees to the company. I was actually looking into the latter, which would allow me to track my dogs anywhere in the world. So I could be visiting family in Toronto, and check to see where my dogs were in Germany at that moment. Sounds neat, but as already stated, a bit expensive. The cheaper subscription versions that I looked at cost around US$250 and up. The no extra fees version that I looked at was over $1000. I never really seriously considered it, but it was fun to dream a little.