good looking george


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hi, my name is lottie. i live in salisbury. my dog,which i rescued 14 months ago is a st bernard dog,now 2 and a half yrs old. his markings are beautifull and he is long haired too. he came to me with a lot off fear issues.and with the help of a qualified animal behaviourist,we have a closer and more loving bond. his weight is now 70kg. my biggest problem is introducing him to smaller dogs as they want to have a least he doesn't pull me onto ground anymore.:dogtongue:


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Hello Lottie! Welcome to Dog Trick Academy. It is good to see another big dog person around here. I have an English Mastiff personally who is long haired so I can only imagine he is a lot like my Kratos, maybe a little more drool?:dogbiggrin:

I also had a hard time introducing my boy to small dogs. Maybe you could look up someone on here that lives close with a small dog? or a small dog breeder close by?

P.s You have my sympathies with the 70kg. Kratos weighs 72.5kg at almost 3 years.