Good Job, Mud! ^^


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Mud and I have been hard at work learning new tricks, and since school doesn't allow much time we're going slow and steady. We've been working on the simpler tricks that I haven't yet taught her, and today we worked on "up high." I like to teach the high-five as three different parts: high-five(from a sit or stand, one paw then the other), up high(on hind legs, high five with both paws), and down low(laying on stomach or back). She already knows the high-five from a sit or stand. Today she learned up high quite quickly and is doing it with no problems at all whatsoever. ^^ I'm proud of her. So, tomorrow we will have a refresher on the stuff she's recently learned, and then move on to down low if she's doing well. If not, we'll refresh some more and I'll just back up and give her a break. ^-^ Either way, I'm always pleased with her progress as she always seems to be more than willing to try her best to make me happy. :doghappy:
Zeke, on the other hand, is probably not very pleased with me. ^-^; He got to go to the vet today, and I will be picking him up Thursday a very changed "man." Ahem...sorry buddy. :dogunsure:


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:msncry: Man I fell sorry for the little guy I would hate u to. Anyway on a much less painful note it sounds like mud is doing pretty good cant wait to see all the tricks.:dogcool: