God and Dog

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    My grandfather emailed this to me, and being a dog lover and Christian, I loved it. (Also being a total sap, I got a big lump in a my throat listening to this, lol!!!)

    You can view the video here.
    Here are the lyrics:

    I look up and I see God
    I look down and see my dog.
    Simple spelling G-O-D...
    Same word backwards D-O-G.

    They would stay with me all day.
    I'm the one who walks away...
    But both of them just wait for me
    And dance at my return with glee.

    Both love me no matter what--
    Divine God and canine mutt.
    I take it hard each time I fail,
    But God forgives, dog wags his tail.

    God thought up and made the dog,
    Dog reflects a part of God.
    I've seen love from both sides now
    Bow wow.

    I look up and I see God
    I look down and see my dog.
    And in my human frailty,
    I can't match their love for me.

    -by Wendy Francisco
    Copyright 2009 Crack O' Noon Music ASCAP

    (Please, no bashings...if you choose not to believe, then so be it, I'm not here to preach---this post is merely intended to share this with dog lovers of all religions. Doesn't matter what religion you practice---you can appreciate this song.)

    This is so true--both God and the dog are always so incredibly forgiving. God forgives you of your sins. In many cases, an abused dog would still wag his tail when the person beating him came in the door. And if these dogs are rescued, they do not hold a grudge against the human race. A starved dog doesn't hate the person who isn't feeding him--he is loyal beyond belief to his person. If you misplace his favorite toy, he's never bitter or angry. When you get him a new one he's just excited that you're there to play with him. How many stories have we heard of dogs saving their owners, or complete strangers?

    Whenever you are in a time of need, God is there, and sends his right-hand man--err, dog, along for extra help.

  2. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I'm actually not religious, but this was so touching! :)
    And actually so true!! :D
  3. miss t Well-Known Member

    Love this!

    We can see God and His character in so many of the things He has created if we only take the time to look,

    Great reminder,
    Thanks for posting!

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