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  1. warerenee New Member

    Good Morning.. My husband and I have adopted a 6 year old americian Bulldog from a rescue shelter.Mostly to take up the void in our life afte we had to put our beloved Sam to sleep a few months back.We knew we wanted a American Bull as we are seniors and have a lot of grandchildren in our lives and these breeds are the bomb for children..After searching for a young pup to be able train and not being able to find one we could afford we broden our search to the pet rescue sites and found Sparky, a 6 year old in South Ga. They told us her owner had died and had no one to care for her so she was turned over to them.They had her fostered out so we didn't get to see where she was staying but was told she was outside but was formaly a house pet the thought.Said she stayed in dog house all the time and didn't come out. Also said she did not bark....(hahahahahahahahah..what a laugh this turned out to be we found out on our way home..) As we were searching for house dog knew going in we were going to have issues to work on..
    I leash her at night and hold the leash on my arm so if she stirs I can take her out. usually she is good for the night tho.She does NOT like the yard... We are working on this and am making progress in baby steps..She loves to poop on deck but if I time her right she will go in the yard...again we have had her a week and a half and this is getting steps tho....BIG FOOD ISSUES..she does not like any dog food whatsoever.........she will the point her stomach will churn and churn..I have bent and fixed her some chicken and rice and gave her 4 times...In trying to train she will not even eat most of the training snacks... some of the sausage ones and most of the times cheese.Oh but she will drag people trash out of the trash can in a snap .. all the time.any thing not eatiable she will eat...
    Most of the time I spen dragging her down the ramp onto the yard for bathroom times...really trying to work on this issue for I want her to be a house dog as she is doing great inside and is a joy to interact with and loves to play...Got clicker in mail with instructions and hope to start with her getting use to it today...Keep us in your prayers.. God Bless..
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  2. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Welcome to DTA! I'm glad you joined, and glad you are going to use clicker training! It's a great method of training! Thank you for rescuing Sparky!

    As far as the garbage issue, I would just put the garbage behind a cabinet she can't open, or if there isn't one, just put a kids lock on the cabinet the garbage is in. There's probably a way to train that out of her, but I find this easier. :)

    Do you know if she ate kibble at the foster? If she did eat, maybe try feeding her the same brand she ate at the foster? Also, have you tried different brands of kibble with her? Chloe (my dog) didn't use to like her food, but when I switched her to a better brand of food now she loves it! If Sparky won't eat any brand of food, you could try making her food really yummy!! You could mix some pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, 100 percent pumpkin) into her kibble, and see if she will eat it then. If that doesn't work, you could try putting a little kibble in her chicken and rice (just a little bit) and see if she eats the kibble along with the chicken and rice. If she does, begin to slowly increase the amount of kibble and decrease the amount of chicken and rice. Keep doing that until its just kibble and no chicken and rice. Take little baby steps. If none of those things work, you could always try switching to wet food, or try feeding raw (make sure to do some research if you decide to feed raw).

    I'm a little confused. Is she potty trained? Was she kept inside or outside at her original home? Was she kept inside or outside at the foster?

    I'll pray for you guys! :) Keep us updated! And don't forget to make a thread for Sparky under the meet the dogs section! And don't forget to post pictures! We love pictures! :)
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  3. warerenee New Member

    Sparky was kept in a dog house in a pen type yard at the foster house. Foster parent told us she wouldn't come out of the dog house even when called. She had 6 other dog she was fostering and didn't have time to work with Sparky and didn't give us any more info. Did say her pit bull jumped her pretty bad when she first got her and that might be the reason she wouldn't come out of the doghouse. The rescue guy didn't tell us how long he had her just said they had just about given up on her being adopted due to her age.Said her previous owner was 86 years old and had died. Didn't know any details other than no one could take care of her. We have found she hates the yard. She loves her pink doghouse tho. but we will not let her hid in it. Just got it for her to use to stay out of the rain when we have to be gone on short trips to grocery store or doctor and it is raining.We have to just about drag her out on a leash to potty but after we get her outside she does better on the leash after working with her for the week. We are seeing lots of improvements.Still would rather pee and poop on our deck or front porch if we don't watch her and get her out at the right times.Which is hard to do as she is so off on her feeding and eating schedule...Her new crate came in this morning and she loves it so she must have been crated in her past. When I can't keep my eye on her I am going to have to crate her as she is chewing up grandchildren's toys instead of hers..haha..Got to try to get them all moved into another room.She will eat a few bites of kibbles orig. so might try that..She knows a lots of commands already. sit..down.. lay.. stay..that we found out by just working with her. no telling what else she might know, good and bad..She is a delight and a sweetheart. Just wish I knew more of her past..We have tried to get the shelter to respond to us so we could ask how long they had her and some more questions we thought of but they will not respond to our texts.. Hope they don't think we want to return this beautiful dog. We have sent them pictures of her playing with her toys in our home but no answers from them so we will just go with a blank page..My best guess is that she must have had to poop and pee in close confinment for a while to develope these issues.But I am positive we will work through them. Thank you so much for the feedback.(y)
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome to DTA and thank you for rescuing Sparky:D

    Kassidy's idea with the garbage is really good, I had to put a kid's safety lock on ours with one of my late dogs, she was a real tinker at getting into the garbage and that was the quickest, and safest way (she ended up at the vets after one raid) of getting her to stop.

    With Sparky's food problems. I know Kassidy has said mix kibble with chicken, but actually that's not a really good thing to do, as it can upset a dog's digestive systems. Have you tried 'raw' feeding and also crock pot food?

    At present, I would do as Kassidy has suggested, find out what he was fed and slowly change over, but please don't mix kibble with 'wet/raw' food. Also a little NATURAL ORGANIC PLAIN nothing else, yoghurt on his food is wonderful, the dog's usually love it, of course there's always the odd dog out, plus it's wonderful for their digestive tracts, helps prevent problems etc.

    Here's a brilliant place to check out Doggy (and cat) dietary needs. Written by a vet and I would suggest getting both his hard cover book, and also his ebook.

    He's also got a lot on his site about feeding, nutrition etc. etc.

    And, I would like to request not dragging Sparky outside, please that doesn't help. Use food, cheese is great if that's Sparky's fav treat, to lure him down the steps. It will work and make it easier for both of you. When your clicker arrives, use that, and kudos for getting one because believe me they're fantastic. That one small piece of plastic can make all the difference!

    Don't forget photos or videos we all adore those and have fun with Sparky, just adore his breed:love:

    Any problems, start a new thread and you'll find everyone will help you, we're a friendly bunch:D
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  5. kassidybc Experienced Member

    No problem! Sorry you got a shelter that isn't being terribly great. Not all shelters are reputable sadly. Just know you got a wonderful dog! And she'll get better in time!
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  6. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Sorry about that! I didn't know that would upset their stomach. Thanks for correcting me Mary!
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    oops a thousand apologies, I called her a he - sorry Sparky, of course you're a cute little girl.:love: Big hug! Am I forgiven?

    I agree she's probably had to poop and pee virtually where she slept and ate, poor darling, I can feel for her!

    It may take sometime to get her house trained. I've just adopted a beautiful little rescue girly, after just recently loosing my adored Ra Kismet to cancer at a very young age. But she had a wonderful foster home, where she spent some time as she was legally removed, along with her Mom and siblings from an 'abusive environment' and of course all the legalities had to be gone through before she could be adopted. But I'm having 'potty problems', she hates the rain for a start (it's winter time here) and also I suspect was using newspaper in her foster home. It takes time and keeping Sparky leashed to you is a good idea, plus using a lure to get her outside, please don't drag her, she obviously has a fear of the yard per se, though not her pink kennel (love pink kennels).

    I've kept Leaf leashed to me, though she still will just wee, right under my nose! We have good days, no rain, and 'bad' days it's raining! Just keep on training Sparky and she'll 'get it' that's it's the garden where we wee etc.

    Oh yes, do remove the grandchildren's toys, sounds like she's a 'soft toy' lover and of course their toys are soooooooo much more interesting then her own!

    Sounds like you're making terrific head way already with her. She knows she's loved and wanted and after what sounds like a not very nice foster home, she must think she's in doggy paradise:love::D

    That's so sad to read that the rescue place don't bother to help you or return texts. I guess emailing wouldn't make any difference either. I'm so fortunate, Leaf's rescue organization are fantastic and actually ask for photos and updates on their adoptees! Along with helping with any 'inside' information on the dog's history.

    I just know that with all your love and patience your beautiful little girl will become a wonderful companion to you.
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Neither did I until I started studying dog nutrition, not many people know it, so you're not alone. Made that mistake myself in the past:D That's what's so good about this forum, we all learn something new all the time.(y)
  9. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Welcome to the forums! There are many people here with a lot of experience with rescues so keep asking questions. Thank you for rescuing Sparky. She looks like a lovely girl.
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  10. warerenee New Member

    Girls all mistakes are mine not Sparky's..she just has got to learn how to get things across to her new owner.I did try making her some brown gravey and pouring over her kibbles. She ate it all. I tried the same with sausage gravey the other day and she wouldn't touch it.haha.. picky eater..thats all I need in my family is one more..something I am quite use to.This is workable.Thank you all for the advice and I will do my best not to drag I had surg 3 weeks ago on c5 and c6 fusion and am not supposed to be doing anything of the sort.But of course my Dr. has to understand my 50 lb little girl and her needs are very important so he had better have done a good tight job..Will find out at the end of Aug at my 6 week check up..She is my P.T. tho. I am looking at it that way..Thanks again.. Love this site.. learning so much.. Go be blessed by your pets as it is Spark's time to go play with Mama.:)
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  11. warerenee New Member

    Hi Brodys_Mom, myy picture is of my beloved Sam who we had to put to sleep in our arms she was 10 years old and the delight of our lives. She started having uncontroable seizures and lost all ability to do anything but lay in our arms.So sad and so hard for us but we knew she would want us to fill the void and give a part of ourhearts to another dog..She was a Lady beyound discription.From a 3 month old pup to a 10 year old Lady who loved with all her heart.Pictures will be posted as soon as I can get them downloaded from my cell phone of Sparky.
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  12. Linda A Experienced Member

    Glad you have joined us! Your girl sounds delightful!!
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  13. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Can't wait to see them.
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  14. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA!
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  15. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! Glad Mary included The Dog Dish Diet site for you, it's a great site and he's got 2 excellent books - I home cook for mine (based on his diet) and it's solved a world of "eating issues". Thanks for giving your beautiful girl a second chance. :love:
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  16. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome. I have a American Bulldog mix for now(hopefully staying) so I've been reading a lot about them and they sound like great dogs. I can't wait to see pictures of her.
    Oh and thanks for rescuing her.
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    I can feel for you and yes Sam would be very happy across the Bridge to know you've rescued another little girl and giving all your love to her (not that you'll ever forget Sam or stop loving her). My heart goes out to you, as I too have just lost a beautiful dog who loved with all his heart, I know what you mean. And I'm certain Sparky will also love with all her heart too, she's so beautiful.
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