Giving A Demonstration--which Trick???

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tx_cowgirl, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Not sure. I've tried both, but get the same reaction out of both. Think I will do an empty can, just in case. If she were to drop a full can I suppose it could explode all over the classroom, lol! Ice breaker or epic failure? [IMG]

  2. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    That is so awesome that you get to bring dogs to school? Where do you go to college?
    I think the get me a beer trick is an awesome trick idea for a college how to speech! Other tricks that really are crowd pleasers (in my experience) are throw a way trash and zipper.
    (Maybe for a future speech you could chose the topic recycling and incorporate your dog.)

    You may want to see if you can get a group of friends to watch her perform her trick. Have them clap at the end or what ever they want to do and see if you can still get your dog to focus. You may also want to have her close the door, whether it is while she is holding the beer or after she brings it to you. I love that she can burp on command and that you are going to add it in.

    For the retrieve I would just practice on various objects. Will she get it off a rug? How about if you take the kennel tray out of the kennel, will she get it off of just the kennel tray? Maybe see if she will take it off a cardboard box and then turn the box so the opening is up and if she can do that turn it so the opening is on the side. Then put the box next to the wall etc. You may want to try an object she really likes to retrieve first, whether it is a toy, soft item etc. Practice the up and the get it separately. Make sure she is comfortable going up on what ever the object is before you ask her to retrieve it. If she is having particular trouble going up on one object do a bunch of ups on other things around the room (a short stool, a large stool, the fridge, the kennel) starting with things she has gone up on before and then easy things to the harder ones. Make the whole experience a lot of fun and she will be more likely to get up on the object she is having the most trouble with. I would also suggest if she is having trouble with the cabinet for example, see if you can take everything into the class room at a time when it is not being used and then maybe invite some friends to watch in the class room. Just to make sure that even if she gets better about it at home, it won’t still be a challenge in a new place.
    You might want to consider writing out a how to for another trick, just in case it is not seeming to work out. You don’t want to feel over whelmed at the last minute rewriting your speech. I’m sure it will go quite well though!

    I hope some of these tips help.
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Did have her perform what she's been learning with this trick for some friends the other day. She's been in a few trick competitions before, so I'm not all that concerned about her doing her thing.
    Lol, she can't burp on command just yet. I've been working more on the beer-fetching trick than on that one.
    I am going to write two speeches, just in case. One with a solid trick, and the other with this one. I suppose I could do her Easter Egg Hunting trick, and explain that similar methods are used for fetching a beer? She does also know how to get me a Kleenex, but haven't taught how to throw it away--but that is only one part of a trick to teach, rather than two like the beer trick.
    Kind of in panic mode right now. Teacher moved the speech day up to Tuesday instead of Thursday. Until then loooots of training, on a couple different things so I can do a solid trick if I need to.

    Thanks for the tips!! Was thinking of maybe starting on a rug. Yesterday I tried putting the can on the bottom section of the coffee table(hard to explain, but it's only a few inches off the ground) and she still wasn't crazy about it. She would knock it over, and then pick it up, but did not want to just grab it.
    What if I had the can sitting in something? Like, if I cut a stiff koozie down so that it won't fall over, and the only way to get it is to pick it up OUT of its little barrier? Does that make sense? Figure out a way to kind of "box in" the can so she can't knock it over and she HAS to pick it up?
  4. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Will she take it from your hand? Maybe practice holding it above the table, then work on closer to the table, then hold it on the table then phase out your hand.

    Do you ever tease her with the object? I know a lot of people are against "the trained retrieve" being made into a game, but in my experience (which does not include border collies) if you start with a thrown retrieve or teasing with the object and then go right into a placed retrieve it is very easy to phase out the motion and it is quite motivating for dogs.

    So my steps for retrieve are:
    1: Throw the object while holding on to the collar then release your dog.
    2: Have someone hold your dogs collar (or if they have a really solid stay you can use stay, you just don't want to have to correct a dog for breaking a stay because they will view retrieving as a negative) then wave the object around while you walk away to place the object then release your dog.
    3: Repeat step 2 but put it under something.
    4: Repeat 2tep 2 except put the object on something.

    The boxing method you describe might work- (worth a try), you might need to tape it or tie it to the table. Some dogs might be too sensitive to reach under someting, then in something, and pulling it up. Mainly I'm thinking of River, I don't think he would be comfortable doing that, but then if you have a brave, non sensitive dog like Charlie the poodle it might work wonders.
  5. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Oh...another trick college students might appreciate is doing laundry! It is probably similar to the easter egg trick to have her put clothes in the laundry basket.

    I guess that's one of those tricks that can be simple or complex depending on how many of the steps you decide to demonstrate.
  6. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Before I respond to any replies, I just have to say this....

    SHE'S GOT IT!!

    Tonight, just now, we had a late training session. I started with retrieving the can, from the ground(with the new pink koozie I got today specifically for this). She knocked it down six times, but consistently brought it to hand of course. I put it on the bottom rung of the coffee table. First two, knocks it down and brings it to me. Third time, she tilts her head, picks it right up, and brings it to me. HUGE ENORMOUS JACKPOT, AND PARTY!!! Lightbulb moment, "WHOA, you mean all this time I just had to pick it up right off the furniture??"
    Four more retrieves, picking it straight up--one goof, where she knocked it over completely by accident, and you could just read it right off her face--"Aw man, I knocked it over! Oops!" Still rewarded, but a low value reward. It was a whoops, not intentional at all.
    Stopped working on the retrieve and went to pulling the kennel door open. Fumbled just a tiny bit the few two tries, just needed a reminder. Then consistently, deliberately, pulled open the door all the way several times. I, being human and a little too greedy, went against all training know-how, and stuck the can in the kennel--won't hurt just to see what she'll do, right? Not moving too fast if I'm not actually trying to link the steps, right? Just seeing what she'll human.
    Opened the door, big reward and direct her to the can. Picks it right up and brings it to me. HUUUUUGE jackpot and party, just about jumped up and down. Okay, I should STOP right? Greedy greedy...but in my defense, I do know Mud's pace, even with tough tricks, and she moves pretty fast. Once she has the basic pieces she can throw the puzzle together in no time.
    Second try. Opens the door, reward, direct her to the can. Picks it right up and brings it to me. Another jackpot and tons of praise.
    Third try. Same.
    Fourth try. (C'mon, STOP ON AN AMAZING NOTE!) Opens the door, reward, wait. She thinks a second or two, looks at the can, steps in the kennel, picks it up and brings it to me. OH MY GOSH! Giant reward, huge party, tons of praise, WOW!
    Okay, she's GOT it. Just a couple more tries...(greedy human!!!)
    Three more PERFECT open door(reward), pick up can without knocking it over, bring it to me, and huge rewards.

    Okay, now I'll quit. GREAT JOB MUD! End on a wonderful note and give Mud a rest for the night.

    SHE'S GOT IT! :D :D :D :D
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    ALSO, I have a family get-together Saturday...about 12-15ish people. Mud is going; we'll be testing our new trick in front of everyone. Mud will do fine...I'm preparing MY nerves! ^^
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  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    WOO-HOO MUD!!!!!! [IMG] You sure pulled that one off!! And yes, we all know where we should stop, but sometimes, we just gotta try one more time.... and maybe just once more.... and well..... hehehehe Great work with Mud, can't wait to hear how Sat goes. Glad you posted today, I thought about you guys this afternoon, and was going to post tonight and ask what trick you decided to go with, and how it was going. Can't wait to hear about Sat! Congrats!!!!
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  9. srdogtrainer Experienced Member


    So glad to hear it is going well! Break throughs are the best!

    ...and yeah, I'm guilty of continuing one or more too many times....I've done that a lot...but that's the best way to learn and figure out what's right for each individual dog.
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  10. reveuse Well-Known Member


    Romeo and I are both very very impressed at how wonderfully you have learned your trick and presume that you love the new pink koozie!

    as you can see this post is PINK in your honor!

    Romeo also says he could never manage such a useful trick seeing as his mouth isn't large enough to carry a can. But I'm rather inspired and might try teaching him to do it with my phone whenever it rings...

    Good luck and be sure to post how it goes on Saturday.

    PS - i'm way guility of the the just one more thing too
  11. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Very excited!
    My goodness, kids play refrigerators are expensive...been looking for one, with no luck unless I want to spend $100+. No thanks.
    Fixing to work with Mud again on this, will post afterwards!!
  12. Jean Cote Administrator

    I thought your presentation was today? Or is it next Friday?
  13. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    You could probably have Romeo retrieve a small water bottle. The ones that are about three inches tall. He could pick it up by the cap end.
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  14. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Do you have any Goodwills, Salvation Army's near you? Try your local Craigslist.

    I found one for $5.00 near me!
    I typed in, kids play refrigerator, to find it.
    When I just typed in, Kids refrigerator, I got regular refrigerators.

    Hope this helps!
  15. reveuse Well-Known Member

    How did the demo at the get together thingy go today???
  16. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Haven't checked Salvation Army, but I struck out at Craigslist, Savers, Goodwill, and a couple of kid-specific resale stores. Might check Salvation Army. Did find some on Ebay, but the shipping cost as much as the fridge! ($30+!)

    Jean--no, my actual presentation for class is Thursday. Yesterday we had a family get-together and I took Mud and did my presentation there to see how we would both handle it.

    Went great!!! She ate up all the attention and did everything just perfect. (And, yesterday was her first time to do this with the cabinet that I bought--until now she has only used her kennel door, and a friend's fridge on Friday.) The cabinet has worked out well, because I can adjust the height of the shelves an inch or so at a time, so I can gradually raise it. She's comfortable at the height it's at now(just under eye level for her), and that's about where I want it, so for speech purposes I'll leave it there. Friday I took her to a friend's house to practice a little; there were about 5 people there and she did fine. There were about 15 people at the family thing on Saturday and she was just fine there too. So I think Thursday should go fine, so long as I can hold myself together! :)
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  17. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Sounds like it is going well! So glad to here you found something that will work as your fridge. I can't wait to hear how the actual speech goes!
  18. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Okay, need a little help from fellow dog-book/blog/general training info nerds...
    I have to quote two bits of information from two different sources in my speech. I have one quote about backchaining, and I'm thinking I could use another quote about shaping. (Or anything else related to the training of this trick, really.)
    Any ideas anyone?

    By the way, my quote for backchaining is this...
    In Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs, Karen Pryor defines backchaining as, "training the last behavior in a chain first, then training the next-to-last behavior, and so on."

    Also, technology and I are not the best of friends. My professor says that starting off with a video clip is a good attention-getter. I'm thinking about starting with a clip of that Super Bowl commercial a few years ago where the Border Collie gets the beer out of the cooler--how can I save this to a flashdrive? The only place I've found it so far is YouTube. Is there a way for me to save it to a flashdrive at all???
  19. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    I doubt this will be much help...but maybe look up a quote from Ian Dunbar or potentially Zach George.

    I don't know if you can get a video off of you tube on to a flash drive but if you can you probably need permission from the uploaded. Does the classroom where you are presenting have internet access?
  20. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Okay this really has nothing to do with your project but I found it funny!

    "Rambunctious, rumbustious, delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting." - Dr. Ian Dunbar

    I will keep looking!
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