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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by blisandt, Jul 29, 2008.

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    RE:give me a hug

    Well my dog gets excited when I talk in a voice that sounds excited and so I would just say "give me a hug" in a happy and enthusiastic voice until she jumped up into the position I wanted I would then click the clicker and give her treat right away! I recomend a clicker because it has seemed to help my dog get motions faster.If you don't use a clicker you can get your dog on it by getting training treats and just keep clicking and treating for like two 10 minute traing sesions. But I HIGHLY recomend low fat treats when trying to get your dog on a clicker! Hope I could help! Good luck and happy training!!:doglaugh:
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    I guess, I'd try to teach it like this:
    I teach her to putb one paw on my shouldres.
    Then theach to put the other paw on my other shoulder.
    Then ask her t put both paws on my shoulders.
    Then ask her to put the paws clocer and closer to my neck.

    I guess you can do the same with your waist. (if you have a dog who is big enough for it.)

    But since I didn't try teaching it yet, I don't guarantee this would work.
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    Actually I can't see the video, it say the URL is not correct, but I guess the "Hug me" means a real hug, with the dogs front paws involved. :)
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    thanks, team.

    I have not had chance to try.
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    My dogs love to jump so I taught Jasper to do it to help stop the jumping. When I get home I ask for a hug and he gives me a great big one (Because he is so happy and excited anyways) I had already trained him to sit and wait to be greated but now he only jumps when you ask for a hug, if another person comes in with me he doesn't automatically give them a hug too, but for a short period he thought everyone wanted love when they came in the door. I'm not really sure how I trained it exactly because it just evolved.
  7. blisandt New Member

    that's a funny story!

    thanks for the input.. suddenly got busy and we only have "time" for park play!:msncry:
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    I couldn't see the video, but Mac knows the cue "give me a hug" as putting his paws on my shoulder. As he is a little dog, he knows sometimes to "give me a hug" he has to jump on something to perform. :D I did have to deliberately teach this, with a food lure, as he is not a very touchy dog.

    Clover, however, just wants to get to your face so that was rewarding enough to get her to do this trick. ;)
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    I just tell my dog to give me a hugand she just jumps up
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    Cleverdogs, your video is great, and you should be so proud!! Could I send you my dogs? :dogwink: I love your 'hug' at the end, that's just so sweet! I'd love to train that, I hadn't even really thought of it.

    I just started freestyle a couple months ago with one of my GSDs, and I think you could practically teach the class! We have a long way to go, but it's so much fun....

    Hugs to your talented pup!!

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