Getting a Jackimo puppy soon!


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Hello everyone! We are getting a puppy soon who's mom is an American Eskiomo and dad is a Jack Russell. He is only 4 1/2 wks old, so it will be 3 or 4 more weeks still before he comes home, although we have had "visitation" (as my kids call it) almost since his birth. We are really excited about our new puppy as we haven't really had a dog since we had to put my dog down (he was 15) when my kids were very young. My youngest is now 10 and so all 4 kids should be old enough to help properly care for and train a new puppy. We are using all our resources (including this site) to make sure that we are well educated,for "Ranger's" sake!

Jean Cote

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Hi Heather! That's awesome that you are looking for information before your puppy arrives home. The earlier you train and socialize your puppy, the better off he will be with you, your family and with strangers.

Hope to hear more about you and your pup, possibly some pictures? :dogsmile:


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Ranger's here!!!

Sorry it's been awhile. Been busy with the Holidays and, of course, our new puppy. He is absolutely precious. At just under 12 weeks, he is already almost completely housebroken, and knows, the sit, up (we allow him up on furniture, etc.), let's go (follow me, but not "heel") commands, and is working on stay and down. Our biggest problem with him right now is his nipping. I know he's a puppy, so alot of that is normal, but we just want to make sure it doesn't go any further, so we're currently looking for some place local for dog training. I'll try to post pics. Talk to you all again soon!