German Shepherd Tricks

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sophie99, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. sophie99 New Member

    these are the tricks i have been teaching my dogs
    this was a long time ago so they are waaaay better now!:D

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  2. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    *gasp!!!!* CUUUUUUUTE :love: I want one lol My GSD was 10mths old when I got him - Im so jealous! Welcome to the DTA! :)
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  3. sophie99 New Member

    ill try to make a new vid of my dogs doing more tricks
  4. mewzard Experienced Member

    They are so good!! i can't get over how diddy the pup was! how old was he?
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  5. Jukes Well-Known Member

    Wow - super cute - please please post some more:love:
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  6. Dodge Well-Known Member

    Hi and a warm welcome to you,to cute,just to cute :love:

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