German Shepherd Dog Health Problems?

moky adam

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I have otto he was 20 weeks when I got him had him for two months now.He is acting weird he won't eat,he is losing weight and his eyes are red a little bit and he's been throwing up a lot.Does he have Parvo cause the top of his mouth feels sticky a little to me but I could be wrong.Does he have worms?I haven't had the chance to get his worm meds yet but I am getting em today.Please help me


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I'd get him to the vet asap. No way anyone on the forum could dx your boy, we're not vets, and even if someone were, they couldn't see him. Please take him in - he sounds sick, if he's not been eating, has been throwing up a lot, and is losing weight, he needs help. Please don't wait any longer. Take him in. He can't wait. Keep us posted.