General Puppy Training


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I am training a puppy and I am not sure that I am getting all of the necessary commands for a foundation to build upon. She knows how to sit, lay, stay (mostly), eye contact (sometimes), come, leave it, fetch, speak, move back ...and I think that's about all. Are there more general commands that I can teach her before moving on to service dog training and agility training?


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Wow, Sulli! that sounds like you are doing really well!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Is the "come" really solid? EVEn around distractions, or from a distance? That one can be practiced regularly, in all various situations. It's a crucial one, imo.

Heel is really nice, or even loose lead walking.
Heel was really hard for my dog, but there are threads on "heel" on here somewhere.

Others may be by with better ideas. I don't know much about service training. at all.

And is your puppy getting socialized and comfortable around all types of people, and all kindsa dogs?


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-Advance stay and come
-Nose and paw targetting(this will be incredibly handy with service training)
-Take it/hold(taking random objects in her mouth--also handy for service training)
-Loose leash walk
-Pick up things you drop(random objects---be careful with this one. If you're having trouble getting her to give them to you, you're just going to create a dog who chews/eats anything that falls to the ground.)

If you have any questions on how to teach these, feel free to message me. :)


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I would also suggest some rear end awareness with pivioting and such. It is a blessing for any dog to realize that "yes you do have a rear end". It helps greatly when in agility and when you are in a tight spot in nursing homes/hospitals.