G'Day everyone!


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G'Day all, greetings from the middle of nowhere, Northern Territory, Australia.

Last week I got a 7 week old Dingo Pup, I've named her Ivy, she climbs all over everything! She's more like a cat than a dog. She's VERY bitey, but I'm making progress with that, albeit slowly. She's house toilet trained herself (showed her a few times), but its a very small house so she hasn't far to go. At the moment I'm pretty flat out stopping her chewing everything, moving it, then giving her a substitute toy to chew on, then praising that her for tearing that to pieces instead of the furniture (should I do this?). She also howls very loudly when left alone, I'm wondering how much time on her own is ok. She has plenty to do during the day, toy and bone wise, she is almost nocturnal so should sleep most of the day, but gets distraught when left alone. What should I be working on first? Heh, any help appreciated!