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  1. maxkaurasky New Member

    I've been thinking of getting one of those furminator brushes, because my big dog Sky sheds so much. No matter how much I brush him, he leaves big clumps all over! My question is: have any of you tried the furminator & does it really work that well? Heres a pic of one of his many hair piles. If I dont sweep daily, he will cover the entire floor. I guess thats one way to get carpet for cheap!![IMG]

  2. fickla Experienced Member

    Most people I've talked to love the furminator. If I had the money I'd probably get one. But really it does the exact same thing as any undercoat brush- it just does it a lot quicker in fewer strokes.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    I have one and it works very well on my siberian husky. However, it does require some time to brush your dog and it won't take all of the undercoat off. It is actually my brush of choice to get the undercoat off.

    But I have also discovered a local 'dog bathing' place around my house that uses a carpet cleaner type of wash and it takes out all of the undercoat. It's called Animazing and they use the Anivac bathing system. Maybe you could e-mail them see if anybody around your area has this thing? :dogsmile:
  4. maxkaurasky New Member

    Thanks guys, the wash/vacumme thing sounds like it would work great, but we live 50 miles away from anywhere that would have anything like that. He hates water too, no matter how many cookies I offer. He loves being brushed & has a really thick undercoat, but if it works for Onyx it otta work for Sky. What I currently use on Sky is just one of those basic brushes. I brush for hours and clumps still fall out all over later that day. My mom was going to buy a furminator for her two dogs, but they are so expensive, so each of us is going to pay for half of it and we will just borrow it from each other. Thanks for the help guys!
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Actually the bathing place I go they use the bathing system, but they also use a strong blow dryer (not hot) to blow off the hair and the undercoat. Their floor is usually covered with hair when I bring my husky in! :)
  6. maxkaurasky New Member

    Thats a great idea, I wonder if I could get Sky to hold still??? My buddy has a super strong blower.
  7. storm22 Experienced Member

    ive just bought a furminator, and ive found its good, it works great on our pugs (when they stand still) and the ammount of hair that came off luka was amazing, hes a single coat pug and we've never got that much hair off him in one sitting,

    worked great on my storma dn koda too, they felt soo silky, koda looked like a different dog, she used to look like a furry dog but after the good bruch she came out smooth,

    one thing about it though, is after you brush your dog, i found when the dog shook more hair came out that i must of loosened but i just wiped it off him too, but after using the brush you really look like your dogs hairy cousin lol
  8. dakotamom421 New Member

    I have one and love it. My border collie sheads constantly. i finally broke down and bought one in the spring when he was sheading big time. it was so bad that if you ran your hand down his back you were left with a hand full of under coat. :dogwacko: i have a reagular wire brush that i use every night but it was not enough. after using the furminator you could pet him with out getting a hand full of hair in exchange. but i would recommend that you use this outside or in an area that is easy to sweep because the hair goes every where. i made the mistake of trying to use it in my living room. :dognowink: i quickly learnd my lesson and moved outside to the patio.:dogsmile:
  9. szecsuani Experienced Member

    My dog sheds too. A lot.
    But I actually just brush her every morning, and that seems to work for me.

    (-I don't really have another chance, I can't buy a furminator...)
  10. ruffmuttk9z New Member

    A FURminator is a wonderful investment if you can afford the upfront cost! You'll never go back to a regular dog brush of any kind.
  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    Curious, do you use it on your Border Collie? I find that it's not that great with dogs with long hair.
  12. ruffmuttk9z New Member

    I use it on all of my dogs. Short hair, long hair, medium hair. It works excellent on all hair types in my experience! The only problem is that once I get going I could be brushing all day. BCs have far more undercoat than you might realize until you get going with that thing!! :p
  13. xanny Well-Known Member

    I bought a furminator recently and love it. I have an ACD & lab. I found mine at a local feed store for about half the price that chain stores sell them for.
  14. ruffmuttk9z New Member

    I got mine on Ebay for a much lower price than you can find them in the store. If you use Ebay, just make sure it is new in the package so that you're sure it's really the real thing.
  15. jazzycat New Member

    My sister has a furminator comb and I have been using it on my husky. She only has the comb though. How important is it to have the whole system? Her hind legs and tail area are, not exactly matted, but it appears she bit some of the fur out or something, because it is kind of choppy looking. It's very hard to comb there, and I haven't been able to groom her for more than about 10-15 minutes at a time. Any suggestions what to do about that? Once I combed her in other places, it became much easier to use the comb. It isn't really working that well on the tail/hind quater area though.

    Also, I read somewhere that you should groom huskies by brushing the hair backwards. Any information about that?

    Thanks bunches!
  16. ryleighgirl New Member

    I love my furminator. I get piles of fur off of Ryleigh. Although it still seems like I can brush her forever and still get clumps of hair off of her. It cuts down on the shedding for at least two weeks. I got it really cheap on e-bay. I think I payed $17 for a brand new large one.
  17. snooks Experienced Member

    I love mine too---I furminated a whole new dog onto my deck this week. It took an hour of furm'ing to get most of the loose hair off and it looked like it had snowed on the deck afterward. :) Well worth the investment. My dogs both like it to b/c it's a very soft "comb" for them and doesn't pull b/c it doesn't really dig in to mats or tangles hard.
  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Hmmm. If snooks likes it, it must be good product! I am so lucky, buddy just doesn't shed much at ALL. Just in the spring, for about 2 weeks. But, he does get brushed almost daily, but i only get a teaspoon per day, really.

    but i noticed, whenever i bathe buddy, he loses a LOT of hair right after the bath, especially in the spring shedding season!!!!

    so in the spring, when he is shedding, i bathe him more, and to "get it all over with" regarding the shedding. Bathing does help a lot, i think.

    I also swear by cannola oil, just a dab in his food every day. Others say it might just be in my mind that this helps, but it sure seems to help. My vet said is good for dogs, as many vitamins in food cannot be absorbed at all without the oil alongside them, anyway.

    Our last dog, HE was a huge shedder. Hairballs the size of mice billowing across a floor i JUST cleaned!! But once i put him on the cannola oil, after about 2 weeks, massive difference in my floors!! After that, if we even skipped a day or two of cannola oil, BAM!! hairballs all over my floor again!! lol!! Works for MY dogs anyway.
  19. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I got one not that long ago and looooove it. There ARE certain dogs it does no good at all to. Some Labs for instance, it does NOTHING to, while others it works wonders, I'm not sure why. I've found the BEST results when you wash with the solution, then use the Furminator tool. However I never have used it on MY dogs--I used to work in a salon and I use a more natural shampoo, but many people requested the Furminator solution and it really did work wonders. I always brush Mud out daily with a slicker, then once in a while with the Furminator. The slicker keeps her coat tangle-free and in good condition, and pulls out some undercoat, and the Furminator finishes off the undercoat.
  20. storm22 Experienced Member

    ive never tried the solution before, i use natural ahampoo too but i did wonder about it

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