Funny/odd reactions


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Chester and I want to say a quick hello....he is a Boston/Rat Terrier mix. Very intelligent. Most tricks he learns quickly, but a few I am trying to "tweak". He loves to play ball so I usually do some training while we're playing and it works very well. He hates it, however, when I tell him "Last one". He will go to the ball, look at me, then lay down. What a character! I was wondering what other funny reactions your dogs have to certain things.


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My dog hides under the bed when she sees that I'm going away from home, and not take her with me. :D


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My dog Buddy almost always goes with me wherever I go. When he sees me starting to get ready to go somewhere, or thinks I might be going somewhere, he grabs his seatbelt harness from the hook where it is kept and stays no more than 6 inches from me . My husband often tries to lure him away from me with treats but Buddy is not fooled, a ride in the truck beats a tasty tidbit every time! Once I am ready, I "dress" him in his harness and out the door we go. Hubby gets a laugh at his antics each and every time.


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If I tell my dog its time for bed he will go to my room, but if I'm not down right away he'll come back up to where I am and cry. And if I ask him if there is anyone coming up our driveway he will go look out the window.