fun for Vivian


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Hi everyone -- this is my first post and I just wanted to say hello. I'm hoping to get some good ideas on training and tricks for my golden retriever/brittany mix, Vivian. She's a 5 year old pound rescue (we've had her for 2 years now). She knows her basic commands and is such a great dog, but I'd love to have an even deeper relationship with her by teaching her something new and challenging. Any advice?


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Hi gorittany, and welcome! I'm pretty new here myself. Vivian is so striking with all that bright white in her coat! I have a golden myself, and she LOVES learning and figuring things out. :)

I think there's going to be a new challenge for next month (a new trick for everyone to try with their dogs) - you should consider trying that, depending on what it is, or maybe another fun trick! I'm sure Vivian would love it.

Glad you're here! :)


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Hi Gorittany, welcome. I also have Goldens, two girls and I just love Brittany’s. She's a cutie pie. Usually when I start training a new adult dog like a rescue or foster I start with targeting with nose then paw. It lays the foundation for a lot of follow up behaviors. For example come might evolve from holding out your hand for a nose touch and getting the come behavior. It's also very handy in teaching tricks and pick up things and flip them over etc. Once a dog learns to touch with nose and paw and knows that you will reward them for doing so they set about figuring thinks out. So don't go too fast and teach open the fridge door unless you are sure it won't be emptied. :dogtongue2:

Go to the classroom and monthly challenges. There is some great stuff there. Loads of tricks with videos that people made to help. Goldens and Brits are so smart I'll bet you're and expert in no time. Ask questions if you need any help. Yay! to you for rescuing her too. That's wonderful. Look forward to seeing you on the forums. :msncool: