Frozen Green Beans!

maggies mom

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I checked to see if anyone had posted this information previously and didn't see it. My vet suggested using frozen green beans as training treats. Since I go through ALOT of treats with the various stages of training I'm in with 3 dogs, I decided to try it even though I was skeptical. They are fat-free, nutritious, and dogs LOVE EM'!!!!


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pea's seem a interesting treat as its easy.
I do have a couple of questions though.
do you for example thaw or cook the pea's?
and how long can you keep them in your treat bag until its better to just bin them?


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Hi, it's not necessary to thaw them out, but that's fine if you want to. My dogs will eat them as treats frozen. :) They're cold, crunchy, nutritious and low in calories with only 25 per 2/3 cup. If you can find organic, that's even better. (y)


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That's a great idea. Love the low calorie bit am worried Ra Kismet may put on weight with all the treats he's been getting

Adrianna & Calvin

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I use plain Cheerios and Kix for my dog, they are also very light, small, and low-cal :) They are my favorite treat to keep stashed in my jacket pockets because they aren't greasy or wet, and don't decay. I have higher value treats that I do keep in baggies to cart around, but there are always a few Cheerios in my pocket if I forget.

I also use these treats on our pet therapy visits so the clients can offer him a treat, and it doesn't matter if someone makes a mistake and eats one because it's just a Cheerio.