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Hi there! We've been checking this site out for a month or better and really enjoy it. It seems like a good forum for info on training and just having fun with your four legged pals. My newest pal is Daisy, a brindle, spayed, Boxer, 15 months old and your typical (Boxer) clown. Our other pal is 12 year old Blue. She is a mix Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix...mostly a very serious, no nonsense sort of personality which makes it even more hilarious when Daisy gets her to play...mostly because of the contortions that Daisy gets into in order to get a rise from her. Blue is enjoying her retirement (she used to help me move cows and horses...or chickens...or anything I thought needed moving!). Daisy is working on basic obedience and doing quite well. We also play around with agility. We are currently working on rolling over, which Blue is always anxious to show off for her but Daisy hasn't quite got yet. Anyway, I am enjoying all the info I'm finding here on this site and look forward to checking in often.:dogsmile: