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I was going to write a (hopefully) interesting article about various dog training stuff. Then I realised that most of what I wanted to say has already been written and put up on the internet. No need to re-invent the wheel, is there? So I shall start posting informative web sites that contain a variety of info which you might not have discovered yet.

Anyone else with good non-commercial info sites, feel free to jump in and add your own recommendations.

To start with, perhaps a good all-round source of information is the Clicker Solutions Training Articles. Here you'll find everything from basic info on clicker training and operant conditioning to more advanced stuff like desensitizing your dog to squirrels. There's info on crate training, puppies, loose-leash walking, nail trimming, beginning search and rescue..... a very comprehensive collection of articles. I still haven't managed to wade through all of them. I'm in the middle right now of reading the Diary of a Chicken Trainer. Yup.... one gal went ahead and decided to learn how to clicker train chickens! And a guy did it too! And then there's the Horse Trainer's Guide to Clicker Training..... and one very intriguing article I just noticed near the bottom called "Shaping Spouses" <hmm.... :msniwonder: )

If they can train a chicken to perform on cue, then there's still hope for me and my dogs!:doglaugh:



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Good post Bipa. :dogsmile: This should be very helpful to all of DTA's members. Thanks for posting it!


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Thanks for posting that Bipa. I love the Clicker Solutions site, it has so many great articles!


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Thanks for the post bipa. Ive been looking for some stuff like this but I can never semm to find anything.


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Dr. P's Dog Training web site

Another one of my favourite web sites is Dr. P's Dog Training. The site was created by Dr. Mark Plonsky, a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin. He specializes in animal learning & behavior, drugs & behavior, and educational technology. He's also a successful dog trainer and has made many presentations and worked as a Field Instructor. His German Shepherds have won awards in Obedience, Agility and Schutzhund.

In his own words:

My goal for this site is to organize and give visitors easy access to the information available on the Internet about dog training and behavior. The idea is to use technology to provide a resource (or virtual library) that will be useful to pet owners, hobby trainers, professional trainers, scientists, veterinarians, police K9 handlers and other students of canine behavior. In order to provide easy access to such a large amount of information, four interfaces are available. The Main Page serves as a brief table of contents. The Library is a detailed listing and description of all of the sections of the site. The Site Index lists each of the pages at the site. Lastly, there is a Search Engine for the site.

Please note that I have included links to ANY page that provides substantive information about dog training and is not blatantly commercial(except for sections on books, videos & magazines & equipment providers, etc.). Thus, I do not agree with everything that you may read here. In fact, sometimes one article will contradict another. However, I am a firm believer in intellectual freedom. The defines intellectual freedom as "the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction. It provides for free access to all expressions of ideas through which any and all sides of a question, cause or movement may be explored. Intellectual freedom encompasses the freedom to hold, receive and disseminate ideas".


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Doggie Treat Recipes

If your dog is starting to ignore you and the treats you're giving, perhaps it's time to try something different. Many times I've been told by folks that their dog isn't food oriented, yet when I pull out one of my special treats the dog becomes extremely focused and alert. Often it turns out that the people have been using the same treat for ages, or even just regular kibble, and so it's no wonder that the dog has gotten bored and is refusing the treat.

Think about it this way: how hard would YOU work for broccoli? :dogrolleyes:

This web site has lots of recipes and ideas for doggie treats, including stuffing for Kongs. There are also recipes for dogs with allergies or special diets.

Take a look, try out one of them, and perhaps you'll discover a newly motivated dog.