found the solution to getting my dog to eat


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I think I have finally cracked it!

Thanks to all your previous suggestions, I have worked out what my dog loves, apart from any type, size, colour of ball.

I am now able to make sure that he has his full daily ration of kibble split between breakfast and evening meal, so long as I either 1/mix it with some boiling water and let it cool 2/ mix in some left over veggies or a spoon of mash potato or swede 3/mix in some moist dog food.

For quite some time now he has not left a drop of any of his meals and I feel good about that. He has also put on a couple of kilos and been discharged from his weightwatchers clinic at the vets because he has done so well.

I've also started to give him a teaspoon of cod liver oil with his evening meal as I've been told that this will help his growing joints and his coat. But has anyone tried the 'salmon oil' that I've seen on the net somewhere? I'd love to know if there is a difference.

No more worries about my skinny dog starving himself anymore. I just love the way he looks at me and waits in expectation when I sorting out his meals. I love him more each day if that is possible!


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That's great news!!

I'm not sure of the difference between the two fish oils, but in my mind I rank Salmon as better - but I have no idea it that's actually the case. Sorry, lol.