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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by JazzyandVeronica, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member actual training required. :p

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  2. SD&B Experienced Member

    She has better manners than some people I know, lol.

    Very cool!
  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Cute video!!!!:love: Pretty soon she'll learn to use the fork herself!!!:LOL:
  4. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL so cute and yes she does have better table manners than a lot of people. Veronica of course isn't spoiled at all:rolleyes::LOL:

    Maybe I could try that with Zeus, he HATES veggies:(
  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    She's such a proper lady with such wonderful manners!! :love:
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  6. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Thanks guys! Veronica can be very demure. It's one of her personalities. :D

    And No Mary, I don't see any spoiled dogs around here either :rolleyes:

    Does Zues even hate cooked veggies? Veronica won't eat them raw; but she does enjoy most veggies cooked.
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  7. sara Moderator

    ha ha ha such a lady!

    Mine eat raw, cooked, pickled, you name it, they eat it LOL well, all but Boo... he's a little pickier LOL
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL No I see one very demure, well mannered young lady. Spoiled? Heaven forbid:D

    Yes *sigh* Zeus just hates veggies, cooked, raw, whatever, he will not eat them:rolleyes::(
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL Ra Kismet's like that, you name it, he'll eat it. Must be the 'street kid' upbringing where his fur Mom had to scavenge for food:( "Eat what's put in front of you son, or go hungry!"
  10. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Maybe Zeus would like them with cheese sauce?

    Sort of defeats the purpose of a low cal, healthy snack; but Veronica loves broccoli with cheese melted on top. :rolleyes:
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Jazzy and Veronica, will try that as Zeus LOVES cheese. Well he's not over weight so I guess the calories will not count too much:) I'll whisper in his ear too that there's a very lovely lady who likes her broccoli that way, who knows that may help too.

    Will definitely try the cheese sauce. (y):)
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  12. Dogster Honored Member

    Shivon is too spoiled to eat her veggies.:rolleyes::cautious::LOL:
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Now why am I not surprised about that fact:LOL:
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