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My name is Bill and I have a 2 year old female belgian malinois. She is a wonderful and beautiful dog. I need to work on her training though. She is pretty good on leash but not real good off leash. I wanted to teach her a few tricks. Anyone have any easy tricks for the beginner?


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Hi Bill! And welcome to the community.

There is a whole section on training at the top of the site. It is titled Classroom. You can find all sorts of good training there. If you have any certain requests, do a search to see if we have talked about it, and if not, start up a new topic and ask. There is a whole heap of knowledge here, so don't be shy!


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Welcome to the site! As Hockey mentioned, the classroom offers many tricks. I think there are some threads scattered around the Lounge about off-leash training... Good luck with your dog!