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    Hi there everyone

    My names Fiona I'm 21 years old and I have a 3 1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) called Jack (I know I know but he came with the name) . I have been around all sorts of dogs all my life, I have a huge intrest in Dogs and breeds and of course training. This is my first dog that isant just a family dog he's mine. Having a JRT is a real challenge but what a breed to start of with Jack is a real challenge and can be a lot of hard work but he is well worth it. My mum has trained all her dogs in the past her pashion is German Sheppards so she has taken me under her wing and is teaching me all she knows she really is an amazing person. JRT's I know are meant for expericanced trainers but with my mum and me new we have made great progress and Im pleased to say I doing so well ive even been training other dogs to help out friends. I love reading about dogs and finding out all i can I love to learn new things every day. So if ever a problem please contact us. Trust me I will be asking for help I do have a JRT.

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    Welcome! JRTs can and DO learn tricks very very well. ANY breed of dog can learn tricks.

    do google "Jesse Dog Tricks", that is a fairly famous jack russel terrier, who is also a member here of DTA.
    Jesse is one amazing dog, so you can look to Jesse for inspiration, that JRTs can learn tricks very well.

    I really think, for high energy breeds, that training really really helps the dog siphon off some of his energy. GOOD LUCK!!
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    CUTE DOG, too, he almost looks a lil bit basenji-ish, with his brow furrows and erect ears! adorable!

    what does his tail look like?
  4. Fiona&Jack Member

    Thanks yea training hm is no problem he pick it up so easy but he gets so excited and carried away. He's just learning to fetch my slippers we got one but he wont bring the other lol
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    Lol, it does take some time to teach some tricks.
    do you use a clicker to train your dog?
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    Yes its wonderful would never be with out one what dog do you have?
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    I have a border collie, named "Buddy', and we think he is about 4 years old now, but, we are not sure. He loves the clicker, too, and gets very enthusiastic and tail-waggy when he sees that clicker come out of the drawer...
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    Jack gets more excited when he sees his treat bag I have to hide his treat bag under my top when training him because other wise if he sees his treats on the side table hell just open the pot him self and eat them all he's a right pig lol
  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    ha ha! You might want to teach the cue "leave it",
    as well as work on helping Jack shift his focus off the treats and onto you.

    You might also want to teach your dog that objects on tables and counters are off limits.
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    what a cutie! NOW he does look like a JRT, the icon photo i thought looked like a basenji! CUTE DOG!
  12. Fiona&Jack Member

    Thank you he is my pride & joy that's an old photo this one was taken two weeks ago

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    Jack in his hoodie he loves it he wont wear a t shirt or a doggy coat but he will wear a hoodie try and take it off him and he's like a small child who cant get what they want lol
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  14. Dogster Honored Member

    Hello!!! LOVE YOUR DOG!!!:love: SOOO CUTE!!!! By the way, Jesse the JRT's videos are soo cute!!! I watched all of them. I think they'll give you some inspiration....
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    Your dog is soo cute!! Nice hoodie!
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