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    I know it's a bit late to post my first exam results, but my secretary a.k.a.Mommy has been very busy due to my Big Bro Zeus being so sick. But now he's well on the mend I put my dainty paw down and told Mommy she just had to get to work. So without further ado, here's how my exam day went.

    First, because it wasn't part of our exams, and to shake off the nerves, our teacher decided we should do a little Agility work first. Fine I was thrilled because I was also a little worried, not over the exams, but my BFF Buddy hadn't arrived and I was concerned he'd miss part of his exams.

    It was whilst I was flying around the Agility Course (mini one for youngsters of course) that I spied, as I exited the long tunnel at break neck speed, Buddy toddling across the course. Without breaking pace I sped towards him, Mom had absolutely no hope of catching me, I was just too fast:) And Buddy spotted me, his Mom had allowed his lead to drop, oh dear, as he was just as excited to see me and with speed Buddy only shows when he's playing, came racing up to me.

    Then, ignoring all calls of 'come', we sped around the course at top warp! Well when I say the course, we only jumped the obstacles if they happened to be in the way of our race, more interested we were in having a grand time together than worrying about the correct sequence of obstacles.

    How we raced!!!!!!! Round and round, people were throwing treats down in the hope of luring us, trying to block us and attempting to stand on leashes flashing past, all to no avail. After all, due to a break of one week, we hadn't seen each other for two whole weeks, such a long time for two young puppies! Eventually though we were 'caught' and being good dogs (normally anyway) we accepted defeat graciously and behaved ourselves for the remainder of the day. But oh it was such fun and as Buddy intends to major in "Entertainment" I think we did an excellent job of warming up the crowd before the main event! People, including our teachers (but not our respective Moms) were all laughing like crazy. The Moms were too embarrassed to laugh, silly Moms, we were just adding a light note to an otherwise very serious morning!

    But I did manage to redeem myself, for I did extremely well in my exams. Obtaining top marks EXCELLENT in every single subject.

    First we did loose lead walking, all in a group too, so plenty of distractions even though we were spread out, especially as on the way back Mom had to pretend my lead had broken. But hey, I'm the original 'velcro' lassie and even though the lead was 'broken' I stayed right close to my Mom, never took my eyes off her the entire time.

    Mom took a quick look over to Buddy and whispered to me that he was doing really well, just one slight detour during the 'broken lead' part, but hey for Buddy that's really, seriously good. He is the class clown:) I passed with top marks. EXCELLENT.

    Then the dreaded stay. I had been doing fantastic stays at home and out on walks (always on my lead of course) but in class tended to get distracted at times (with a handsome BFF what girl wouldn't be little distracted at times, he's got such a fine tenor voice). But this was my exam and I knew I had to focus, no distraction allowed not even Buddy. Our teacher said three stays, either with our Moms just turning one foot and shoulder away, or walking away completely. I did five very long stays with Mom walking off quite a way. Again, top marks EXCELLENT.

    Next was our trick. No-one wanted to go first, we performed solo for this part, so I volunteered to go first when our teacher said "Going first is best cuz you may see another dog do so well, then wish you didn't have to follow them". Right, that decided me, I may as well get it over and done with.

    LOL of course, I was thirsty, so my first 'trick' was a pit stop at the water bowl. Mom and I made it part of our act, which made everyone laugh. Gotta get your audience on side, always the best way to go(y). Then I went into my routine. Yes, we did only need one trick, but I had an entire routine worked out. So, starting with Sit Pretty, I then followed up with High Ten, Roll Over, Play Dead (Bang), Right Spin, Left Spin, Round Mommy, Crawl, Weave and of course my perfect Bow. I got heaps of applause and everyone was delighted, but I suspect a few wished they had gone first, as not to brag none of the other puppies had more than one trick.

    Again, I topped the class EXCELLENT!

    And again I am thrilled to say Buddy did his trick, roll over, without any glitches. So proud of my BFF he's fantastic, seeing he doesn't really take his 'work' seriously as I do.:rolleyes::)

    I was presented with a bag of goodies and in it were some things for Mommy too!

    Thoroughly enjoyed exams, don't know why Mom was nervous, it's fun. And apart from my little 'indiscretion' she was absolutely thrilled with her little Valedictorian Puppy Leaf:D

    Mom took photos of my class mates after we had finished, which I'm sure you'll enjoy, so may I present:-


    My BFF Buddy and his Mom Aunty Jane


    And of course my pin up of him all by himself - isn't he just too too handsome:love:


    Snowy, she's such a game little gal, mixes it with the best of us - sadly not returning:(


    Pretty little Lucy, such a well mannered young lady:)


    Chalky, he's such a sweetie:) Needed a treat to get him to pose though;)


    I had a quick word in his ear about posing for the camera(n);) ChalkyandLeaf.jpg

    Niamh (pronounced "Neeve" having some fun with me before we started class:)

    Psst, I was too far ahead in the race for Mom to get us both in shot!!!

    Niamh and I stopped to check the 'pee mail' very cute laddie must have left this one:D


    And last but not least ME!!!!!!!!!! Waiting to go home:)


    Me again, getting a bit impatient, Mom was busy taking photos of my class mates:whistle:


    Hope you've enjoyed hearing about my first exam and seeing all, ooops one class mate missing she was away at a dog show, my class mates.

    We've just started second term now, Canine Companion, most of the old gang are back, and some new pupils too. Of course, my BFF Buddy is back, I'd have been broken hearted had he not been. His Mom says he needs more lessons, that's a Mom's view, in my eyes he's just PERFECT:LOL:

  2. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Wow Leaf, sounds like you did really well! Now Leaf, I know you know a lot, but make sure not to show off too much, you don't want to make Buddy feel bad! Your mom is lucky to have such a smart girl like you! (And so is Buddy! :) )
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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    Leaf you sound like you're super smart. Like Kassidy said try not to show off too much. It sounds like you have a great friend, hope ya'll keep in touch after classes are over.:)
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  4. 648117 Honored Member

    Well done Leaf! (y)

    Holly's first training classes went similarly (she was 4 months old when they started), the dogs had to learn a trick by the end of the 5 weeks (although there is no formal test so it didn't really matter if they didn't learn one).
    Holly was always top of the class in everything (could already do some of the stuff before it was taught, eg, "sit", "down", "come", "shake paw" and had started a "stay"), she was the only one that recalled in the first class (and our classes were in a petshop - after hours though). When we got to the end and we had to show off a trick we had to go first (no one else wanted to) and Holly could do: roll over, spin, shake paw, and jump over my leg. A lot of the dogs couldn't do any tricks, a couple could do one trick.

    One lady told me that "sit" was going to be her dogs trick and was disappointed when we went over "sit" in class O_o :LOL: .

    At our last competition (first proper obedience competition) Holly had to do all her stays next to her boyfriend (a big weimaraner who we don't see often but when we do Holly goes nuts, and he used to always try to stomp on her head - although he no longer does that). It was luck of the draw that they were next too each other, me and the weim owner were a bit worried that they would break their stays, but neither did and on one of the sit-stays they were the only ones that didn't break!
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you. Oh sorry, didn't mean to sound like a show off, Buddy is fine, he thinks it's grand that I'm smart and he's teaching me 'clowning', so we balance each other perfectly:D And WOL (woof out loud) we both love seeing our Mom's faces turn red :giggle::giggle: when we clown around!
  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Again thank you and sorry if I sounded like a show off, I'm a normally puppy truly!!!!!! Buddy is wonderful, I wouldn't want him any other way, and he's teaching me how to 'clown' and entertain, we're a perfect pair!:)

    Sure hope we can stay together, it's up to our Moms though, bummer but hey we're going to keep on at them so they make play dates for us.
  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you:) Holly is one very smart little lady, she sounds adorable:) Ooops, don't think 'sit' quite classes as a 'trick' though! Holly sure has a fabulous trick list, I bet she enjoyed showing off all her tricks, all the dogs in Leaf's class could do a trick, though one was excused cuz of stitches.

    Leaf hasn't gone into competition yet, I do want her too though. Always the way isn't it, luck of the draw, that Holly was right next to her boyfriend (and a Weimaraner too boy what a couple:D) but hey, they sure proved they could both do their 'stay' without breaking, even though it must have been a huge temptation to break and have a good ol' play! And to be the only two who didn't break - congratulations Holly and your BFF(y)
  8. blacknym Experienced Member

    She is soooooo beautiful!
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you:) She's got the perfect combination "beauty and brains":D

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