FINALLY got a clicker!!


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I finally got a clicker, ----i had hesitated all along, thinking, "Man, what a nuisance, i'll lose it, and Buddy loves the praise so much, etc etc" but, turns out, I LOVE IT!! We still praise, and still use that EXTRA good praise that Buddy just loves for breakthroughs...

I had even tried making a clicker type noise with my mouth, :msntongue: to avoid being "chained" to a clicker....that didn't work quite as well as a real clicker. Actually, i kinda think, even the sight of the clicker in my hand, triggers some kind of response in Buddy, "Oh, we are gonna learn something now...focus!"

The clicker has reeeally helped speed up Buddy's learning time, he really "gets it" much much faster. Buddy is even finally learning the names of his toys, which had little success before, even after weeks of trying just praise and treats, we started "clicking" and that very day, Buddy understood, "OH, these toys have names?" NOW he can NOW pick out 1 or 2 by name!!! and Buddy fetches way way longer now if he gets a 'CLICK' and treat!!

I totally recommend trying a clicker for anyone out there who maybe had hesitations like i used to have.

Jean Cote

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Nice! Glad that you made the investment in a Clicker, they are really worth it! :) I actually use both a clicker and the word 'yes', but a clicker is definitely more precise. :D


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I hear this from everyone that tries a clicker. YAY! Great progress. Isn't it neat that the speed of learning and the fun goes up. :dogbiggrin: I'm so glad to hear you are both enjoying clicker training.

I got some of those springy wrist straps like telephone cord for my clickers, that way mine is always there. They also make them with finger bands or you can loop a small hair band through the tab on the end.

We're still working on free shaping dog in a box. So far puppy is not really interested in class in the box, more in the other dogs. I dug out a box at home to try this week in a lower distraction environment at home.