Finally, A Harness That Fits!

Discussion in 'Dog Products' started by stdpoodad, May 29, 2015.

  1. stdpoodad Well-Known Member

    It's called the Together harness, from Karen Pryor

    It's adjustable in 5 areas, it is the FIRST harness that really fits Seamus well. He's a standard poodle with a deep chest and fairly long back.

    It's funny, just as she says her poodle does, Seamus puts his head into the harness. He really likes it!

    From the website:
    Here's what makes these harnesses truly comfortable:
    • The straps go around the neck and ribs, down the back, and down the middle of the chest in such a way that they don't rub and chafe under the armpits or interfere with the free motion of the shoulders, as many harnesses do.
    • The girth goes around the ribcage so it doesn't shift forward and pinch.
    • The harness unbuckles in two places so it goes on easily and you never have to cram the dog into it.
    • The fastenings, both metal and plastic, are strong, durable, and hypo-allergenic. They are specially made with rounded corners so nothing ever pokes the dog.
    • The woven webbing is soft to the touch, and soft on the dogs, but it's totally washable and lifetime durable—not just the dog's lifetime, but yours, too.
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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    That harness really looks good, I'd not have known about it if you hadn't posted here so I really appreciate your taking the time to post.

    I like that Seamus is giving such a good reference, he's the one who is wearing the harness so he's certainly well qualified to review it!
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  3. stdpoodad Well-Known Member

    I've probably had 4 or 5 harness for him through the years. I have a step in harness, a RuffWear Webmaster, that fits very well, but it's a step on so not as convenient as the one I got, the Together harness.
    I use the webmaster for both the dogs when I use my FitPaws stuff, my peanut, etc...

    Here's the webmaster harness..
    It looks like a lot, but it's really very simple to put on..
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  4. running_dog Honored Member

    I can see that the together harness is about providing a comfortable alternative to a collar but the webmaster is about being able to lift and help the dog over obstacles. So the Together harness is perfect for a walk in the park and the Webmaster is ideal for trail walking. Different purposes and each well designed for their respective purpose (y)

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