Filming 8 Dogs (individually) Doing Tricks


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A friend of mine is a dog behaviourist, with an interest in trick training and Canine Freestyle, so her dogs (4) all have some tricks under their belts... So she and I decided to get together to film each dogs tricks, in order to get some trick videos onto her website, and for me to show off my deafies (and Oliver) on You Tube again LOL.

She has 2 Poms, one is 14 with Hypothyroidism and Addisons (Pepsi), and the other is 5 (Tonto), a 3yo Standard Poodle rescue (Reese) and a 7yo Border Collie (Tru). Added in were 4 of mine (we brought Zoe along too, but just to hang out and watch, I didn't think it would be fair for he the first time out to put her front and center) Another friend came along to help handle the dogs. (9 dogs is ALOT!!!)

It was a gorgeous, sunny day, but not too hot. We went to a park that has nice, manicured lawns and big trees. But her dogs were distracted and confused for the most part, they would do some tricks, but not others... At least mine were willing, Mouse and Boo were their usual food-hound selves, and Scout was great, but Ollie was FANTASTIC! Well, except for when he decided there was a bug on his bum and kept trying to get it! LOL

My friend has a few different tricks than I do, and some are really adorable!!! Her dogs all jump through hoops, I've never taught that particular trick... However I tried it with Scout and she did the trick like she's been doing it all along! She was AWESOME! And I taught Ollie the trick with a short 3 minute Clicker-training session. Funny boy that he is though, he kept trying to go through the hoop backwards!!! Ollie adores the backwards tricks, and I have a very hard time getting him out of reverse gear! LOL but he did it happily (after figuring out he couldn't jump backwards! LOL) Ollie did his backwards figure-8 through my legs twice almost perfectly (we're still chaining, but he's almost there!) We had some issues with Scout's stay then drop on recall, and the ball was too big for Mouse to push around :( though she gave it a valiant effort! The only thing Boo would do was play the drums, he didn't want to do his other tricks on the grass. Even Zoe played "Shy" for Donna to see!

I was seriously impressed that Ollie, after being tied near my friend's dogs for awhile, and watching the preceding dogs, he did NOT try to run over to her dogs, and was not distracted in the slightest by them!!! Gives me hope that he'll be able to focus in a classroom environment come fall, when we take an obedience class with my friend, and then a Canine Freestyle class... I thing he's finally getting better!

The oddest thing though, none of the dogs seemed to want to back up in a direction that didn't block the camera! They all wanted to back away from it... silly mutts!

Afterwards the dogs got a little off-leash run (yes, even Ollie had a romp and chase with Reese the Poodle with no aggression whatsoever, AND he came back when called! All in all, it was a ton of fun, albeit not as successful as hoped! So we'll ahve to pick another weekend, and get the tricks that were forgotten, avoided (by the dogs) and badly filmed! Hopefully, they'll perform better next time, and get used to this kind of thing!

I wanted to show you these pics we got of the 8 of them on A sled dog chain (lengthened with a leash as the chain was made for 4 only LOL)

I think they make a great sled dog team eh? An Mouse is obviously the lead dog! LOL


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And I thought we had a lot when two of us walked 5!

Saw a black and tan dachshund today but with a dapple splodge on it's back and I thought of your little pack! Mouse is cute as lead dog but Scout is still my favourite! And now she'll jump through hoops, I can imagine Scout is going to add lots of great hoop based tricks to her repertoire :).