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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by southerngirl, May 20, 2013.

  1. southerngirl Honored Member

    Whoops hit enter on accident. The title was suppose to say "Figured I would Share."
    Yesterday I was in the hot tub with my friend(Alyssa) and Missy was hanging out in the yard. Well I was telling her about once while me and another one of my friends where in the pool I had screamed and my window had been open. Missy jumped out of my window and ran onto the pool deck to make sure I was okay. (By the way my house is only one story.:) Alyssa decided test it out, she hit me and I screamed. Missy came flying into the hot tub to check on me.:p I love my baby and it's nice to know she would try to keep me safe if needed.
    Have your dogs done anything like this?

  2. Caiti Experienced Member

    That's an awesome story!

    Once I was in my backyard and Wylie was in the house but the back door was open. He couldn't see me but he knew I was outside. I was taking in a bag of groceries when I slipped on some ice and landed on my back. I cried out in pain and in an instant Wylie was there licking my face. He was there before my own mother was. XD
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  3. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Not yet, but I am hopeful that he would come to my rescue if I am ever attacked while walking him in the early morning or late night hours.

    One time I was in our small park/playground in our neighborhood with our old dog, Nikki, a gsd/chow chow mix. I was talking with a neighbor who was watching her two little girls in the playground. After a while, a very strange looking man came walking into the park and was approaching the two little girls. Nikki ran and stood between the man and the children, hackles up and barking ferociously. She didn't attack him (she was one of the most gentle dogs I've ever known) or even get very close to him, but she let him know what the consequences would be if he continued moving toward the girls. Needless to say, he turned and left the playground!
  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Missy has always been protective over me. When I'm play fighting with someone she barks at the person who is hitting me and when I goof off with a friend I put her up just to be safe, though I doubt she would bite. Also I walk on a public trail with her and she's always been good about calmly walking past people, but once her hackles went up, she was growling and she insisted on walking between the two of us, no clue why.
  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    That's really cool that Nikki did that she probably saved them from being taken. That's why I never walk by myself, Missy might be able to change someone's mind about trying to take me.
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    That's so sweet. It just shows that if your kind to your dog, they give that love right back.
  7. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Yeah, their mother and I didn't even notice the man until Nikki started growling at him. It was a little scary, and the mom was really grateful.
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  8. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    My late dog (a big Catahoula mix) kept an eye out for me as well. Once my ex and I were watching hockey (his choice!) and just as I was getting up off the couch, something happened in the game and he yelled and grabbed my arm. I was off balance so I gave a little "squeak" of a scream, and my dog came flying in from the other room, making a low, quick bark. It was interesting, I know for sure he adored my ex but in the end he knew he had only one momma :-)

    Calvin, on the other hand, is deaf and can't see well so I don't foresee him stepping into anything but a most dire situation! He's much more of a softie than my Catahoula, too.

    It reminds me, maybe 8-10 years ago there was a woman walking her dog in Central Park (NYC) and she was attacked by a man. Her dog was a mix, maybe 30-40 lbs (14-18 kg), and incredibly shy and submissive. He was a rescue from an animal cruelty case and really only trusted her. He was ok with her husband, but bonded closely just with her. He was one of those dogs who was scared of his own shadow. Anyway they were on a walk when a man grabbed her and dragged her off the path. She tried to fight him off, but in the end was pinned down. She'd dropped the leash in the struggle but the dog followed them, doing nothing until the guy actually had her pinned and immobilized. Then, he bit the guy right in the face. :) The woman was able to get away and call for help, and the cops quickly found the guy before he could leave the park (he was the one with the bloody face). I think it's interesting that the dog didn't intervene until he saw that the woman was no longer able to defend herself. My Catahoula would have gone after the guy from the get-go, but I think Calvin is more one of those dogs who would never strike unless he saw it as life-or-death, no other choice.
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    All wonderful stories, dogs really are amazing and they are fabulous judges of character like the dog in the park with the children.

    Zeus is a bit like Calvin A & C, he'd only defend if it were life and death, he's a cool dude more your lover than a fighter (albeit a bit of a grumpy old man nowadays) but Ra Kismet would I know, fly to rescue me if I needed rescuing, which I trust never happens. He will 'watch' anyone walking behind us at night and is much more alert to his surroundings at night, I only feel safe walking at night when I have Ra Kismet alongside me.

    Once when fooling around with my partner over making the bed, I had wrapped myself in the sheet. The bedroom door flew open, it was partly ajar, and in came 'super dog' Ra Kismet who with the famous single bound, landed right on top of me and made it VERY clear to my partner that he was to stop immediately or he would have Ra Kismet to deal with. My partner took the only prudent option, backed off hands raised, and saying in placating terms 'it's o.k. Ra Kismet I wasn't harming her' etc. etc. Took sometime before he could convince Ra Kismet that I was O.K. and not in grave danger.
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  10. 648117 Honored Member

    I don't know if Holly would actually protect me (I don't even know how effective she would be given her size) but she has shown signs that she might...

    One evening (about two months ago) I was just finishing walking Holly and we were heading home from her off leash time at the park. It was drizzling slightly and just starting to get dark. When we got to the top of the hill (not too far from my house) there was a man lying on his back on the grass next to the foot path (about 3meters away so not too close), I thought there must be something wrong given he was lying on wet grass in the rain but Holly would not let me go to check, she was trying to push me onto the road away from him! In the mean time I was getting my cell phone out of my pocket and trying to see any movement from the guy, luckily he lifted his head.
    Even more luckily a car pulled up beside us just as I was trying to decide if I should call someone and in the car was a couple from our obedience class, they asked me if the guy was ok and I said I didn't know because Holly wouldn't let me go over but he had lifted his head. So they got out of the car and went over to him and asked if they could call anyone for him. They ended up deciding to give him a ride home.

    At our next obedience class I asked them if the guy was ok and they said he had some sort of brain damage and that they had dropped him off at a care facility that he lived at. So it all turned out well but I was a bit surprised by Holly's behaviour, the couple asked me if Holly is alright with people with disabilities and I said she is normally fine, maybe Holly thought that particular guy was just acting a bit too odd.

    Another thing happened a few days ago. I was at the park with Holly off lead and there were a couple of men walking around looking at the grass looking for "magic mushrooms". Holly saw them are ran towards them, circled around and stood in front of the one closest to me and proceeded to bark her head off at him :oops:. Holly never normally barks at the park, I knew she wouldn't bite him (she was only barking and not growling and the guy didn't look like he really wanted to risk moving) but she just stood there about a meter in front of him barking and didn't stop even when he spoke to her (he told her to go away - I thought that would scare her). She would not come away when I called her until I was well past them and then she came running full speed at me :LOL: I had to yell "sorry" back to them.

    So I think Holly may well try her best to help me and would probably at least bark if anything happened. At the moment because it is late autumn so by the time I finish walking Holly it's usually dark and all the street lamps are on (it's getting dark well before 6pm now :() . One of the people we see most days at the park (Holly gets on really well with his Cairn Terrier) has taken it upon himself to constantly remind me that I should be careful walking Holly when it's getting dark, but it's alright for him to be out because he is a man :rolleyes:
  11. blacknym Experienced Member

    Deja like to think she can protect me. LOL A little 5 pound toe bitter she is. ;)
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  12. Mr-Remington Experienced Member

    Remi is very protective of me. If anyone, even my roommate, makes scream or goes to playfully punch me, he will bark and jump in front of me. I should add that he will protect anyone in my family, if you scream, or punch/hit/slap he will protect you. If that person doesn't stop messing with me, he will nip, if that doesn't stop he will processed to nip and he will eventually bite if they don't stop.

    It can get annoying but I like knowing that if something happens when I walk him or I'm home alone that he can protect me if I need him. :)
  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Holly's Mom and all small dog companions. Don't let their small size fool you, they're every bit as protective as the big guys. In the local newspaper, back in Melbourne, story/picture of an elderly lady with her little dog (a terrier if I remember correctly). She was home alone, watching t.v., when a would be burglar broke into her house. He was somewhat disconcerted to say the least when, upon entering her lounge room, her little dog leaped off her lap, went straight for the man's nose, and took a good, very firm hold on that apendage! Thus giving the lady time to ring the police. They 'rescued' the would be thief, duly cuffed him etc. and all was well. Her little dog, who'd never been known to do more than lick a person to death was awarded the Bravery Award.

    So size is immaterial, those little ones have the same instinct to protect, defend and act fast, just like the big ones.

    Which reminds me, speaking of bigger dogs. Same paper a while later. Picture of a very sheepish looking German Shepherd who actually SLEPT through the entire time his companions car was stolen, taken for a joy ride and dumped. Ummm, I adore Shepherds but maybe the little Terrier was the better bet!:rolleyes:
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  14. brody_smom Experienced Member

    So true, Mary. My same dog who protected the neighbors children in the playground completely dropped the ball in our house once. Our neighbors went away for the weekend one summer, leaving their 20ish year old son at home. He had a loud party, lots of drinking, yelling, loud music, fighting, etc. I had gone outside around midnight to ask them to tone it down, threatening to call the police. When I went back inside, a little shaken by the encounter, I forgot to lock the door. Three hours later, when all was quiet, I hear our outside door open. Then a voice calling, "Brian! Brian!" No one in our house has that name. Then the hall light goes on, and he starts up the stairs, still calling. I got up and told him to try the house next door. He apologized and left. Guess he was some drunk kid's ride home. I looked in my son's bedroom, and there was Nikki snoring on his bed! Not a peep out of her the whole time, and she didn't even wake up!
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  15. charmedwolf Moderator

    I fixed the title for you :)

    My old Bull Mastiff would protect me in a heart beat but they guys? They just stare like "Yea....that involves getting off the couch ma"

    Outside the house is a completely different story, all the dogs come rushing if anything happens outside when I walk them.
  16. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL priceless!!!!!!!!!!:ROFLMAO: Same with friends back in Melbourne. They had a Bull Arab and a Mastiff, ran the office side of their business from their home. They were broken into, all equipment, computers, radios etc. stolen! Must have been more than one person too. And their two dogs?? Both slept soundly through the entire robbery!:rolleyes:O_o
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  17. threenorns Well-Known Member

    one of the main reasons i got dandy was for protection - i lived in the middle of the bush, so bears were a problem in addition to late-night cruisers. i also had my daughter, who was a houdini bolter - and the house was bounded in front by a dirt road (known to city-dwellers as a "NASCAR qualifying track") and the river out back.

    once, i was woken up by someone knocking at the door at 1am. i automatically figured someone'd taken the ditch (again - i lived across the bridge from a nasty grade with a sharp hairpin turn halfway down and if your tires aren't REAL GOOD, you better know how to drift - as in:


    outside the door were two guys, both of them a bit wobbly on their feet. out front on the road, i could see a pickup truck, not running but the lights still on. "truck broke down or they're out of gas," i thought, and let them in. as usual, i had dandy in the bedroom - the door to the bedroom was in the livingroom, right opposite the door to come into the house (if you follow the floorplan). dandy, uncharacteristically, fell silent when the guys started to explain their truck wasn't running. i could hear him sniffing at the bottom of the door. i said sure, you can use the phone and went to go get it - it was on the wall right around the corner from the bedroom door - fortuitous, as it turned out, because when i turned to bring it back into the livingroom, one of the guys was standing at the door looking out (keeping guard?) while the other was ***right behind me*** - close enough i could smell that they'd been drinking heavily. that was when i also noticed his eyes had that curiously dead look of the truly obliterated.

    "so.... you're alone here, then?" he asked. i said "well... not exactly."
    "you married, then?"
    "no - but i have my daughter sleeping in this room - one second" and i opened the door.

    0.2 seconds later, the guys were literally high-stepping it out of the house, dandy raging and snapping at their heels. i still had the phone in my hand, so i called 911 and reported the truck (which magically started working again). i said i didn't have the license plate, but it's the one with the dog chasing it.

    twice, dandy prevented my daughter from going into the river - once, he also had to protect her from my mother's goldendoodle who apparently misread the play and was actively trying to bite the back of her legs and butt (dandy ended up sitting on saari to keep her down while he held off looseyfur and barked for help - i was in the basement splitting wood and never even knew not only that she'd woken up from her nap but that she'd worked out how to undo the locks *again*).

    when out walking through town, a neighbour's ancient italian mastiff got loose. he was very old and decrepit and clearly in a lot of pain - he had cherry-eye so bad he was virtually blind and you could see lumps all over his skin, some of them oozing. dandy put himself between the dog and me and my daughter, then kept backing up which pushed us back from the dog. when we were about maybe 6 or 8 ft back, he stepped forward again, dropped his head and every hair on his back and mane stood straight up (wish i had a camera - he looked *impressive!*). never made a sound, but we (i and the dog's mortified and frightened owner - she told me the dog was child- and dog-aggressive) could see dandy's lip fluttering to expose his teeth. once the owner got the leash on the dog - he resisted for a moment - dandy relaxed and was his happy, hippy self again.

    that's his "thing" - pushing me back from perceived threats such as drunk ppl, crazy ppl, ppl with wierd dead animals on their heads, and high-speed traffic (although landing smack on top of a very large thistle when he shoved and i fell into the ditch was not much better - i think i'd've taken the hit, instead).
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Those two men sounded really scary!!!!!!!!! Definitely up to no good. Fraid I don't open the door to strangers these days, being a good neighbor I'm afraid has gone, as there are too many weirdos around. Dandy sure is one very protective dog - deserves a medal that's for sure!
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  19. blacknym Experienced Member

    Yikes!!! I'm glad you had Dandy!
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  20. sara Moderator

    When I was a kid, my Mom used to pretend to spank me, and my Springer, Patches would climb on top of my Mom trying to pin her down and paw at her arms... We used to do it just to get Patchie worked up (it was funny until Patches started scratching Mom really hard!)

    Oliver has saved me twice from drunks (could have been bad, but don't know what would have happened, they backed off quick when Oliver was trying to rip their faces off) He's also tried to go through the windsheild of my truck when a friend of mine that he didn't know) pretended to hit me... so yeah, I can trust that Oliver would protect me :p
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