Fetch Remote?


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Hi there,

I would hold the remote in front of the dog and click ANY movement towards it. Basically the same way I am currently teaching my dog to hold a little basket.
Usually dogs start off with a sniff - click and repeat a couple of times
then wait for a push with the nose - click this a few times
maybe a lick - click
eventually the dog will open his mouth - jackpot
Then increase for how long the dog has to hold the remote before clicking

Next is to put the remote on the table so the dog can easily get it (let it stick out a bit) and add your verbal cue slowly to get the remote or whatever.

It's going to take a while - I am on my third training session and my dog holds his basket for 3 seconds.

If your dog already know some commands like "take it" it will speed up the process.

But I am just a beginner to clicker training - someone else might have a different idea how to teach this??


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Is that what you want to do ?

I taught Fly to fetch anything and give it to me. As long as the dog is used to giving you what he has in his mouth and knows what fetch means, you just have to show him the object you want (and name it so he learns the new word).
So first play with a ball and ask for it.


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Does anyone know how to teach 'remote' (get the remote)? Onyx seems totally uninterested in this object. Thanks guys!
:LOL: good in one respect,as you wont ever have a chewed up remote:ROFLMAO:good luck with the teaching!
Fly,is there no end to your talent,you clever clever doglet :love: