Fetch 101


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So I've tried everything I can to teach this mutt how to fetch and failed miserably. Let's pretend I"m a really good trainer. :msntongue: At what point do you consider giving up and accepting that all your dog wants to do is eat, sleep and adore you unconditionally. :doghuh: :dogblink: :dogtongue2:


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hiya!I can see u are new here.try to make your dog love something before you train it to go fetch.That is what I did and it worked.Just try hard,ok?Just a little peice of advice.:)

Jean Cote

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I am working on the 'retrieve' lesson for the classroom, so if you bear with me the lesson should be up in a week or two. I've trained my husky to retrieve, so if she can do it, any dog can!


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Not every dog is a natural retriever, but I do believe that any dog can learn to fetch. I am currently trying to teach my corgi to do a retrieve and at first he wouldn't even pick anything up in his mouth!

There is an amazing book called the Clicked Retriever on how to shape a full retrieve. Otherwise I really like this website http://www.shirleychong.com/keepers/retrieve.html

Just don't give up and take it slow!


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Try hard and don't give up. Gotcha!
Thanks for the link fickla but 29 steps! Gah! lol
I'll look forward to your lessons Jean!
Thanks guys.


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It's different if you want to getyour dog to reatrieve for fun, or if you want to get him to retrieve like in obedience.
My dog was never a big retriver, she doesn't like to play, but:
Even if it sounds odd, it's important waht kind of a ball you use. Pami is only willing to play with one type of a ball, or only the ball of a specific dog we know.

If you want to get your dog to discover that retrieving is fun, there is a way I know you can try (I wasn't patient enough to try it properly... :D):
Take a ball in your hand, and play with yourself. Make sure the dog sees how you enjoy playing with it. If he tries to take a closer look at the thing you play with, go a littlebit further, don't let him get it. This will make the misterious thing even more intresting for the dog.Then, if you see that the dog is really enthusiastic, and really intrested, just let the ball roll to the dog. Let him get it, then take it from him gently. Make sure thatyou show how happy you are that he got it. Then start from the beginning. If you are patient enough, you will play fetch with your dog soon. You can do this with a tug toy too.

I hope I helped, and I wasn't too confusing. If I was, feel free to ask... :D


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Not confusing at all but when you said, Take a ball in your hand, and play with yourself., I was like Whoa!! Oh wait! Yeah I see now what you mean. :msntongue: :msnhugegrin:

And yeah I'm doing this for us to have fun so I'm okay with the patience thing.