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    Here are a couple of good feeding tricks:

    1.Garlic- mix in some garlic with your dogs food,it is REALLY useful for getting rid of fleas
    2.Eggs- Mix in an egg or two for a beautiful shiny coat
    3Vegitable Oil- Mix in about a teaspoon of vegitable oil for a beautiful shiny coat

    Here are a couple of things to watch out for with feeding :

    1. Raw sheep meat- Some raw sheep can contain hydatids (a kind of nasty worm)....so worm your dog for hydatids if you live on a farm or feed them raw sheep meat.
    2.Cooked bones-Some cooked bones can splinter in your dogs throat.
    3.Introduce new foods into your dogs diet slowly (or they get an upset stomach and have the runs)

    more info on hydatids:

    Hope this info comes to use for you!
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  2. charmedwolf Moderator

    Freezing meat get rid of worms including hydatids. Meat should be frozen for at least 12 hours and fish for at least 24 hours. Brining meat and cooking meat can also get rid of them however smoking and drying does not.
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