fearful puppy housebreaking


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I recently got a 4 month old standard poodle puppy. he is adorable and playful. However, his breeder lived on a farm with lots of land and in a rural area. I live in a city apartment. The breeder paper-trained the puppy before I got him (thankfully) so he doesn't really have accidents in the house because he goes on papers/puppy pads, but I am trying to housebreak him and have him go outside only. My only problem is this: while he is willing to go pee outside, he will NOT go poop outside unless it is very early in the morning or late at night. My best guess as to why this is is his fear of all the traffic/people/noise and distractions that is outside our apartment, which I guess he is not used to. However, it is VERY annoying to spend 30 minutes outside with him waiting for him to poop, and then come inside for him to go 10 mins later inside!
Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to get him to stop using the papers and go outside only? I am getting a bit frustrated. I don't want to not put the papers down because I know he will go in the house!
Also, he seems really fearful when I take him out, he will cower by the back door of the building for like 5 mins until I manage to redirect him or else coax him to walk across the parking lot to the potty area.
Can anyone help me?