Fear Of Water


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Well, when we first got Buddy, he was not afraid of water. AT some friends home who has a lil beach, he'd run right into the water, no problem. Had a ball!

Well, then, a week or two back, Buddy was chasing geese, and jumped right into a deep, fast moving river, (my fault, i didn't call him back, thought he'd stop by himself at the water's edge, like he had first two times when i called him back.) Buddy WENT COMPLETELY UNDER, :dogblink:came back up a heart stopping, the world-stands-still second or two later, swam to shore and got out. He hasn't been the same since, he will NOT go in water at all now.

We had him on the boat the other day, on a lake, a quiet lil lake.... in knee deep water, with a great lil ramp (is awesome homemade ramp, i'll hafta post a picture). A ramp that he is already familiar with and like the ramp....he could come down the ramp, but stopped soon as his toes got wet, and ran back up into the boat, and looked really unhappy.:dogsad:

Buddy wants nothing to do with water now, dispite luring with treats, toys and us in the water. Even other dogs in the water, even a duck going by, Buddy can't get in....Tried again on another day, still a firm "NO" from Buddy, he is afraid now. so we've quit with trying for now til we get some advice.

Even at the lil beach, he won't so much as get his feet wet now.:dognowink:

So i'm thinking, i'll get a lil wading pool for Buddy? Start with only an inch or two of water, add an inch each day, to Help him get idea "Wet feet are great fun!"?? Any ideas? Is this fear permanent now?


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No wonder he is scared of water after this! :o

I'd start the whole water thing all over with him.
If you have a lake or something around you, go there. You can take a clicker, but it's not necessary. Its warm now, so you can go into the water a little, and call him. If he put's just one foot in the water, click, and throw a ball, or give a treat. Don't throw the ball into the water, throw it to the land, so he can run after it.
Then ask for coming to you in the water again, and repeat and repeat, until he discoveres again, that swimming is fun. :)

The other thing. You standing on the shore. Throw the ball into the water, but not far, so that he can take it out, it's not necessary for him to stand in the water. Then just start throwing the ball further and further away. :)

I hope I helped. :)