Fashion Fantasy Game


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I figured that dog lovers would probably be able to help. I'm trying to find the Bloomies virtual store on the Fashion Fantasy Game. They have this new feature where you can design your own pet. Would anyone be able to direct me?


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Have you tried googling "Bloomimgdale Fashion Fantasy Game" ??? Pops right up.
I don't play that game, but, it's easy enough to find it if you google the right words.
I did not go searching through the site for dog stuff, but, maybe that is the site you are looking for?

I wouldn't normally post such an off topic answer, but, when i googled it as "Bloomie's" fashion fantasy game,
dozens of YOUR posts, asking for how to find it, all showed up, so i can see you really want to find it.

Here are some other sites, which appear to be a "Design your own pet" type of games (not sure). Some of these, i do not know if they are free. <---i think this *might* be the one you want?

iF you google "create online dog" these kinds of sites show up, and seem to have games you play with the online dog you create...

^these, and 100s of others, show up if you google "design your own pet" or "Create online dog" etc.

When you google, just type in the words you are looking for, like
"create an online dog" or "design a pet" etc etc.

Just type in the words you want, into the browser, you get better results that way. good luck.